Linda Sarsour: Why she must be excluded from the UK

On Monday 10 June Campaign4Truth and Eye on Antisemitism will be handing in a petition to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom requesting that Linda Sarsour be excluded from entry into the UK.

Linda Sarsour is an American faith activist who emerged into the public domain in 2008 and came to prominence in 2016/17 as one of the the convenors and main actors in The Women’s March that propelled her onto a stage of political activism. However, several sponsors have since withdrawn support for the Women’s March because of the antisemitism. Prominent amongst those who have withdrawn is the DNC (Democratic National Convention) amongst other liberal organisations.

It is reported that Linda Sarsour “whitewashes” antisemitismattacks Nancy Pelosi’s bill about antisemitism and tweets of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel

“Brigit Gabriel = Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’.(sic) I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women.” 

For further information that supports this call for Linda Sarsour’s exclusion from the UK see The Report

Thanks to all who have supported this petition.

About the Author
Sharon Klaff lives in London with her family where she is active in combating replacement ideology and antisemitism. She is a founder member of Campaign4Truth, the grassroots group established in 2009 and affiliated with Eye on Antisemitism monitoring anti-Semitism on social media.