Living in a world full of anti-Semitism

It is fair to say that many Jewish people feel safe in their homes nowadays. What these people are forgetting is how much pain and suffering our people have been put through over the past thousands of years to get to where we are. Even though we may feel safe, it does not mean we are safe. There are still groups of people that are against Jews, and there probably always will be people against us. Although others may not always physically attack us, they have tried to harm us on the internet.  For example, there was a research done by the World Jewish Congress last year that found every 83 seconds anti-Semitic posts were being posted from around the world. Although Jews are such a minority in the world, there are still many anti-Semites out there.

Particularly in the United States, it seems to be that Jews are not being treated with so much respect. For example, there are many cemeteries that have been vandalized. Also, researchers at the AMCHA Initiative found over 250 anti-Semitic incidents’ on private and public college campuses. This is a major increase from a number of incidents’ that were found the previous year.

This anti-Semitism is also found in Israel. For example, Lebanon’s Hezbollah says that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel,  is pushing them into war in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip. They also said that there wouldn’t be any safe place in Israel if a conflict like this would occur. After hearing this, Israel is very worried.

This year, tensions have risen between Israel and Iran. Israel reacts to all of this by saying that it will use all its strength and power if there would be a new war with Hezbollah. Although they may seem fearless, Israel is still nervous about the fact that Iran has recently developed new nuclear technology that they can use against Israel if they wish to do so. Israel would have no choice but to fight back and defend themselves.

Many people around the world can see a situation like this and think that Israel is looking for war, but that is not true. Even though Israel has won many wars and it seems as if they are “the boy who cried wolf” they are not crying for help for no reason. It is truly a miracle that Israel has won so many wars( like the 1948 War, Six-Day War, and the 2006 Lebanon War) but it is only because they are putting in everything they have and are working together to win. Israel constantly gets blamed for starting wars because they are constantly getting into situations where they need to fight back (like in the Holocaust and the Crusades). An example of the Jews being put in another bad situation is when it involves Hamas. Wars start because of them when they decide to fire rockets at Israel, and then they blame us for firing rockets back at them.They blame us for killing thousands of Palestinians, when we bomb them, for every one Jew they kill in Israel. Every time the Arabs lose a war, they blame Israel that it even happened in the first place. Again, Jews will most likely always be discriminated against.

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