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Long Island Tastes Over 300 Wines & More With Cindy’s Corners

True Story

As I was planning my Thanksgiving, one of my Non-Jewish friends called me and asked, “Cindy, can you tell me the name of a good kosher wine to serve. You always bring us great red wines.” ….

Jeffrey Morgan Of Covenant Wines

See, you don’t have to be Jewish or Kosher to enjoy our wines from around the world.

Which is why I use every, and I mean every, opportunity to promote kosher wines and spirits.

Meet my friend, Yehoshua Werth, from the Heart of Israel, Foundation Spirits and The Grapevine. Werth put together the Proceeds benefited the Young Israel of Huntington.

According to Werth, “The idea that Kosher is a hinder for the wine lover; is too miss great wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is one grape and Moscato is a stopped fermentation style of producing sweet bubbly wine. The Long Island Kosher Wine Expo is a vehicle and method too enlighten those who are searching for more. Our team is dedicated to the presentation of great wine by great people in a great place.”

The food was organized by Elan Kornblum of Great Kosher Restaurants International, whose goal was to present a taste of international kosher cuisines that complimented me the great volume of wines presented. Participants had the opportunity to try over 300 types of wines from over 12 winemakers located in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Spain, Israel and France. “They joined to celebrate their beauty in a bottle and we think it adds an element of friction that helps us all feel what is happening. Our event is dedicated to helping grow Torah awareness and local Jewish education on Long Island; with Young Israel of Huntington as the fuel,” according to Werth.

Additionally, tastings of Single Malt Scotches, Liqueurs & otherwise Spirits available for those wanting an extra touch to the evening. I tried honey whiskeys that most around me, including myself, never knew existed.

Different Honey Whiskey Choices

Long Island Kosher Wine Expo is a great opportunity for us to meet and interact with a very diverse group of people in a really cool venue. It’s our second year attending the event and we can’t wait for next year.

Dan Wasserlauf of Nadiv Winery

Dan Wasserlauf, Me, Yehoshuh Werth

Personally, while I love to purchase and promote wines from Israel, especially those made in wineries targeted by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS), I can not emphasize enough supporting French Jewish businesses, given the anti-Semitic climate in that country.

By have so many choices of international wines, people see and feel the full spectrum of Kosher wines thru a vision of Who cares its Kosher; when speaking of quality. I love people and if and when Kosher wine can bridge people beyond political views; knowing it is a foundational unifier in Jewish history; SO BE IT.

Yehoshuh Werth

Have you tried lychee, passion fruit or wild berries or honey wine? Meet my friends the Blonders, owners of Morad Winery.

We at Morad Winery enjoy bringing to you fragrant and flavorful wines and liqueurs. Made from fruit, we offer a large selection of exotic offerings including passion fruit, lychee, pomegranate and wild berries. Enjoy our wines for special occasions, holiday dinners and to enhance the enjoyment of any cuisine. L’chaim!

Try these wines in your favorite cocktails and food:

Pomegranate sangria
1 bottle Morad pomegranate wine
Vodka to taste
Fresh fruit, lemon and lime juice
Club soda or ginger ale to taste
Dash of orange juice
Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher except club soda
Refrigerate till cold
Add club soda and ice before serving

Passion fruit and fish and salad
Poach any fish filet in Morad passion fruit wine or use as a vinaigrette for salads

Among those that participated in serving mini bites and sample plate presentations:

* UN Plaza Grill NYC
* Chimichurri Charcoal Kitchen
* West Wing
* R&Z Kosher Smoked Meats AKA Smokin’ on the Highway Caterer
* Ganey Orly Bucharian Cuisine
* Holy Schnitzel
* Hangry Heifer Jerky
* Fruits by Pesha
* Pints & Pies
* Coco Jolie

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy kosher food, wine and spirits. This holiday season, embrace your culture, try new Jewish traditions, support Jewish businesses and share our wonderful offerings with your non-Jewish friends and coworkers.

Cindy Grosz is a Jewish activist who promotes projects, products and awareness to everything Israel and of international Jewish concern. She represents celebrity spokespeople who speak up for and about Israel. She is also a contributor and Co-host on The Jersey Joe Show 710AM WOR, Sunday nights at 7 EST, or available anytime, anywhere through iHeart Radio.

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