An open letter to Lord Sacks

With all due respect to the Lord and Rabbi Sacks who’s asking “Why…Why have the Jews ‘forgotten what we’re all about?”, I offer the following words:

In an Eden/Era of the 21st Century, the “Why” should be, and will be, an obsolete phenomenon, as it is an abstraction in our inter-human communication, which in itself creates diversity, and friction in our perception of what reality, God, humans, information, bits and bytes are: The Universe I.S. an Information system.

In the new era the ‘How’ will replace the “Why”, for How constitutes a more contiguous manner of speech in communication among the peoples. The ‘Why’ question was and still is somewhat frivolous, and not wholly answerable. The “How” question will serve as a better platform, and a more relevant and more creative one in our social interaction.

You say, and I quote: “We need a Baal Shem Tov. We need an Amos. And they will both appear in Israel in the next 25 years. And then Israel will feel a whole lot healthier as a society.”

Well I say to you: Indeed, unbeknownst to you, and to society, such persons are presently in existence, each with various level of understanding the malady in the human perception of reality, here on the ground, rather than anticipating a heavenly power that might, or might not help humans change their psychological Modus Operandi.

You mention science as one of the key elements that will merge humanity with the real mindset, with the perception, the prophecy, and the opacity to say to all of us that we have, as a society, been wronged in perceiving God as a third-party entity, while in truth, all and everything in the universe is a manifestation of God as Creation in Action….which thusly must be considered the human image of God in action.

The world, as per your prediction, in 25 years will produce the persona that will change, with stroke of a pen, the human perception of reality, God, Creation, human mentality and its psychological effect on daily life, for each and every individual on this planet. All will revert back to the promised land of the sane by understanding the primordial Jewish premise of what Yahweh/Time, aka is or is not. Time has been veiled by its sheer non-existence, and yet Time is highly spoken of all the Time.

For the lack of alternatives, the world is now ready to invoke the Hebrew word for God ‘Yahweh’ as an abbreviation of Past, Present, and Future, i.e. Time, the very dynamo of the Creation Process.

Peoples of the world will come to realize the Total Mind of God for what it is: The virtual soul and spirit of God that creates and governs the minute Timing that takes place on all level of existence, with Science as the backdrop that supports this understanding. Thus, acceptance of Time as the God of all gods is not far off, by the fact that only Time can create the Timing of Thought of every bit of Creation being manifest.

Human salvation has to come from one and only source; understanding the Creation processes, supported by the latest discovery of one simple equation for the Theory Of Everything; as presented by 010 x 101 as the Godly Creation in Action.

Humanity will soon discover that Creation must originate from such a magical act as that of Creating something out of nothing, i.e. Yesh Mee Ayin. Remembering that Creation must be created before Evolution can be evident. Evolution is Matter in transformation. Tangible matter has to be created before it can evolve.

Judaism as primordial monotheism will change the face of the Earth by the mere understanding the Creation process, especially now, when science has reach the almost full understanding of the Creation process, by first hitting upon the String Theory, and now understanding, as we do, Time and Timing as the universal dynamic Change and Ex-change Power of the creation process.

The Hebrew God is symbolized by the minimalist letter of the Yud, the tenth letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet which could be considered as the 010 dimensional power of Creation, in terms of God.

In this era, in Time, humanity will be exposed to the forgotten Ideas of the likes of Infinite Possibilities, Nanoseconds, Femtoseconds, all the way down to No seconds in Time, where Time reaches the end in the course of human consciousness, as predicted to be the End of Time.

Time is 0: No Thing, a nothingness that has the only power (of God) to create that which we experience in every level of our waking life. God is time, manifesting in the Timing of interaction between bits of Information to be what I.S. — an Information System. Nothing and everything in the whole world and universe is anything but the Information System in Action.

What we are witnessing today on the global stage of wars and peace is but the last leg, or the last quivering if you will, a kind of dying on the stage of the old paradigm, while engulfed and gradually consumed by what the prophets predicted, where the lion will reside with the sheep, and swords will turn into plowshares.

Peace on Earth. It’s here to stay for the next Billion years. God manifests in the collective human Mind, as well as in all the Natural forces.

All religions are condemned to be of a past relic. Today, we are witnessing the final shaky stages of all human beliefs, as we begin to understand the Creation of Yahweh/Time for all of humanity to revel in.

Peace be with you.

About the Author
Edmond Cohen was born in Baghdad in 1935 and lived 14 years in Iraq, 14 years in Israel, and 7 years in Canada, before moving to Venice, California. In the process, he has adopted a universal philosophy and understanding of the Creation processes, via understanding Time and Mind.