Luca M Damiani
Author/Artist - Kiss&Arrow : "A Kiss to the Way We Are - An Arrow for Direction" - [Art + Op:Poetry&Questions]

Lost in White

'Lost in White' Luca M Damiani - Kiss and Arrow 2024 -
'Lost in White' Luca M Damiani - Kiss and Arrow 2024 -

At a conference,

some in person,

some in video,

with leading

world-wide universities,

it all turns

a bit ugly:



you all are”.


Hang on…

…I actually could not

believe what I heard,

but it is repeated again

from a professor

of sociology

with also

some clapping audience.

I would have

never thought

to have to feel

like this,

especially after

so much time

standing for



and inclusion.

I looked at some fellow speakers,

and actually,

we were all kinda

lost in that moment.

I am white,



and westerner.

Oh my days,

that seems to be

the worse

thing ever now?

Hang on,

I am disabled,

OK, that might help,


I have stood up

all my life for



and inclusion:

the DEI,

they now


Well, this DEI

is now clearly


towards the

opposite extreme.

And so now,

I find myself becoming

“an enemy” of a free society

or democracy

because of

the colour of my skin,

my gender,

my sexual orientation

and where I am from??

I am honestly

speechless by

the turn of some

great minds of society

against white people,


all white people

as privileged,


and inhumane.

Of course,

we understand that

the past has had

quite of that;






Right now?


I am really shocked

by all of this


and racism,

that white people

now have to face

day in and day out.

And please don’t say,

“yes but,

now you understand

how we feel…!?”

Please don’t say that,

because I have done

nothing to deserve

any type of racism

as I always stood

for all equal human rights,

and always stood for all of us,

and marched with you

at any occasion.

OK: I don’t need

to make the same mistake

that professor of sociology

is making,

hence building further conflict.

Fine, I will not.


I would expect

my fellow lecturer

to stand up for me


like I did for him


To stand up for us.

Us as human beings,

no matter what colour,

or religion,

or gender,

or geo-location,

we all matter in the same way.

And I am very worried

to now see that with all

the support I always give

to you my dear friend,

you stayed quiet

when I was attached

a label on me

for my skin.

Who would have


that a highly

educated conference

would have started

in a turbulent wind

of new racism?

But it doesn’t matter,

perhaps it’s just

one episode of many,

but not that spread?


But honestly,

I would have

never thought to become

so politically lost

as a response to

these identity politics

that has clearly now gone

out of control.

What can we do more?

I guess,

just standing firmly

for the humanity

we are trying to build

all together,

and building more

bridges rather

than walls.

About the Author
Luca M Dami­ani is an Artist, Author and Uni­ver­si­ty Fel­low, focus­ing his ongo­ing cre­ative prac­tice and research on dis­abil­i­ty, neu­roscience, technology and nature. His work also crosses over with human rights and social design. Luca has a neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­abil­i­ty (52% impair­ment of cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem func­tion) and has had var­i­ous visu­al art books and aca­d­e­m­ic arti­cles pub­lished, as well as being exhib­it­ed inter­na­tion­al­ly. Luca has worked and col­lab­o­rat­ed with insti­tu­tions such as BMJ Med­ical Human­i­ties, Mozil­la, Amnesty Inter­na­tion­al, BBC, Sci­ence Gallery, Com­put­er Arts Soci­ety, Dis­ney, Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts Lon­don, Yale Uni­ver­si­ty, Jewish Book Council, TATE, V&A and more.
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