Love Bomb?

I was reading Yehuda Katz’ moving column and it occurred to me what Israel’s most effective retaliatory action could be after the drama of 13-14 April.

A massive coordinated direct strike on Iran and on all the Iran proxy countries, as well as Gaza, using unconventional weapons.

What should these unconventional weapons be?

Jasmine-scented leaflets which include messages of love, words of peace, and expressions of hope for a better future, from the people of Israel.

Perhaps they may include a picture drawn by an Israeli child to a child in one of these sadly blighted countries.

Perhaps they may include a QR code which when scanned takes the viewer to a multimedia video with themes of friendship featuring Israelis from all ethnicities, ages and genders.

I know what you’re thinking. Nutcase in the room.

But think again. Seriously. Why not?

Cultural affinity is soft power.

If we are going to have peace one day, G-d willing, it needs people to change their minds.. a lot.

We know that pervasive biases in the media, and on social media, impede the capacity of ordinary people worldwide to see Israel straight, to know the love and warmth in the hearts of Israelis of all backgrounds.

Taking calculated risks is what Israel has always done. This is no different.

The world is watching and expects Israel to stick to type (at least as many see it) – a brutal disproportionate response.

What better moment to take everyone by surprise?

About the Author
Adam Gross is a strategist that specialises in solving complex problems in the international arena. Adam made aliyah with his family in 2019 to live in northern Israel.
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