Loving and Criticizing Israel

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has their flaws. Whether your mother is always nagging you, your best friend is over dramatic, or you are always late. We all come with our baggage, and our loved ones still accept and appreciate us.

Most Americans that I have encountered unconditionally love their country. Yes, they do not agree with every policy. Yes, they advocate for change when they believe there is unjust legislation. Despite all the negative aspects of the United States, its citizens still love it.

Why is this not the case for Israel? Although there are a fair number of Jews and Israel supporters who are able to critique and love Israel, we often find two extremes.

Either someone blindly loves Israel and is unable to critique it. Or someone critiques Israel to an extent that there is no love, just hatred.

Behind the state of Israel are people. People with flaws like us. People who have bad breath in the morning and make mistakes.

So let’s critique Israel. That way it can become the most ideal version of itself. How can the country know what it is doing wrong if we don’t critique it?

But we should also balance this with love. You don’t tell your friend what she is doing bothers you without making sure you know how much you care about her. You make it clear that you genuinely want her to be the best person she can be.

Let’s apply this tactic of how we critique our friends to how we should critique Israel. We should constructively critique Israel, while showing how much we adore her.

About the Author
Originally from Washington, D.C., Penina Graubart is the New Media Associate for Times of Israel. She also attends IDC Herzliya, studying at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications
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