Loving Us to Death

Every time there is another stabbing, ramming, or stoning attack. Every time a Jew is hurt — we scan, we seek, we search the news:

Will the headline be fair? Will they distinguish between perpetrator and victim? Will they use ‘terrorist’ or ‘alleged’?

Every time the UN meets, we are over and again shocked that the worst violators of human rights are promoted in status and not held accountable. We ask, how can they ignore the plight of the Nigerians, Ukrainians, Yemenis… and demand that we give the Golan Heights to Assad who murders his own people??

Every time Israel is accused of excessive and disproportionate force, we write, we email, we tweet and post all the reasons why that is in fact not true.

Every time a morally confused celebrity calls for a boycott. Every time moronic college students show their ignorance of fact. Every time Facebook refuses to take down a viciously inciteful page.

We act surprised.

My friends, my dear, dear friends, there is something we need to understand:

The world loves the Jews when we’re on our knees. When we’re almost dead. When we’ve got no chance.

The world loves the Jews when we know our place. When we barely scrape by. When we’re confined by fear.

The world loves the Jews when we play by their rules. When we stay within bounds. When we stick to the script.


The world loves the Jews

…just before we perish.

…when we’ve barely survived the slaughter.

…when we battle just to survive.


The world loves the Jews

…when our children cower in fear.

…when our bodies line the streets.

…when our blood flows like water.


The world loathes the Jew

…when we stand proud

…when we stand strong

…when we stand and fight.


The world loathes the Jew

…when we claim our rights

…when we proclaim our beliefs

…when we demand justice.

The world wants to love us again.

But I say:

Dear world,

Your love will be the death of us.

We’re just not interested.

About the Author
Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll is a writer and an activist. Cofounder of She loves her people enough to call out the nonsense. See her work at