Recently, John Boehner, former speaker of the House, referred to Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential candidate as “Lucifer in the flesh.” This prompted millions, the world over, to google the word, “Lucifer” — only to be left more bewildered as ever.

Several years ago, a woman at a dinner party asked me if knew how the Serpent (Evil) came to be in the Garden of Eden and allowed to move freely with Adam and Eve – the noblest of God’s creations. Did it sneak in when God was not looking or is there more to it? I replied that I did not know the answer but assured her that I will look into it.

I was determined to find out what could have possibly taken place and after years of research, have concluded that Lucifer was a magnificent angel who was cast out of heaven; a revengeful angel who swore vengeance; a  rebellious angel who dared to challenge God.

I now humbly set before you what I truly believe took place — the unenviable task of explaining  the events as it unfolded from the dawn of time.

In the beginning, God saw the beauty, harmony and the glorious peace that existed in heaven. In that Kingdom, He had placed magnificent, supernatural beings, called angels who were radiant with light and could travel with unimaginable speed to do God’s bidding. They can assume any shape, form or size and moved freely among the stars, their movements being like heavenly bodies. They formed the government of God, without being forced into obedience, but rendering service freely with a sense of love, not only for God, but for one another, thereby creating that peace, tranquility and harmony in heaven.

But God saw the void below. It was a wasteland and darkness covered the abyss. It was of utter chaos, emptiness and confusion. It was barren, desolate and foreboding and a mighty wind swept over it. God, in His infinite wisdom, decided to bring order out of chaos. He would create Earth – another world – and give heaven to earth.

God assembled the multitude of angelic hosts and explained His plan. He also let it be known that, in addition to creating earth, he would also create “man.” He would be created lower in status than the angels but he would be created in the image and likeness of God. He made it abundantly clear that even though “man” would be created inferior to them, they would be commanded to treat him as an equal. Man was not going to be created to be trampled upon by superior forces; to be crushed under the conqueror’s heel; to be enslaved and robbed of his possessions. He reminded the angels that they were not created to rule the lesser breeds.

Lucifer did not think it was a great idea. He was the most magnificent of the angelic hosts. He was the “Bearer of Light,” the “Shining Star of the Dawn,” the “Son of the Morning.” He was a supernatural being of dazzling brightness, of awesome beauty, with the gift of power and wisdom. He was perfect in every way from the day he was created from fire and embedded with precious stones. He was the most honored of God’s angels – highest in power and glory.

What God was planning to do did not appeal to Lucifer. The very idea of creating a new world and  placing an inferior creature in it and then commanding the angels to pay homage to him was revolting. He was convinced that instead of God creating order out of chaos down below, He would be creating confusion and disharmony in heaven above. God was demanding the unthinkable: creating an inferior creature and commanding the angels to pay him homage – this “man” an inferior being whom God said would be the noblest of His creations.

Lucifer vowed he would never do this. He couldn’t possibly imagine anyone more glorious than he. He was too proud and this cardinal sin prevented him from perceiving the divine image of God that would be placed in man. God was giving the angels an opportunity to be kind and loving to someone inferior to them. He failed to comprehend that his love for God would be reflected in his love for someone not his equal. He made a fateful choice.

Calling all the angels together, Lucifer held a full council. Like a coach before an important game, he explained the situation. With head held high and eyes blazing, he made it clear that after all those years of faithful service rendered, God had turned his back on the angels and he called for vengeance. He assured them that he would not bow to man. He felt so superior and was convinced that it should be man who should pay him homage. This great feeling of self-importance convinced him that this was a terrible injustice, not only to him, but to the other angels as well. They should be free to claim their rights and not be deluded slaves, bowing down to an inferior being. Other proud angels who shared Lucifer’s thoughts, ambitions and visions, cheered him on.

Archangels, Michael. Gabriel, Raphael and Meteron were very perturbed over this unhappy situation. These four archangels were the guardians of the throne of God and represented perfection or totality as in the four cardinal directions. These four princes of heaven, met with Lucifer and his rebellious followers. They reminded them that God was the Supreme Being, the creator of the universe, the almighty and the all powerful. It was in His power to do whatever he thought best. They reminded the dissatisfied angels of God’s wisdom and justice and did their best to reconcile them to God’s plan. God, they reiterated was loving and merciful and would forgive them for their rebellious nature. They placed before them the inevitable and terrifying consequences that would follow from their rebellion if the harmony and peace in heaven was destroyed. They also advised the unhappy angels to wait and see what kind of world God had in mind and what sort of creature they were to pay homage to.

Lucifer was not impressed. In his keen and analytical mind, he felt certain that to adopt a “wait and see” approach would be a great folly. He was greatly encouraged that a third of the angelic hosts had sided with him. He was also aware that legions of angels in far-flung corners of heaven were not entirely satisfied with the reign of God and would seize this opportunity to join forces in the rebellion.

Michael was an angel of honor. It would be impossible to describe the hurt and sorrow he felt on learning that Lucifer had declared his independence from God – a God of infinite love and kindness.  Lucifer, the once magnificent of the angelic hosts, had challenged the power and majesty of God. He was now Satan – an adversary, not only of God but of man. He was determined to show God that “man” the noblest of of God’s creations was nothing but a miserable, inferior creature, not worth a feather or a fig.

In that incredible battle for heaven, the “Bearer of Light,” the Shining Star of Dawn,” the “Son of the Morning” had fired the first shot. Archangel Michael, the commander of the universe, defeated him in battle and cast him down.

Having lost heaven, Satan vowed he would conquer Earth.




About the Author
Originally from Mumbai, India. Studied, trained and worked in Mumbai, Munich, Germany and Toronto, Canada. For many years, Leslie owned and operated a printing company where he printed everything, except money! Currently retired. Married with four children (four too many.)