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Major Dutch broadcasting cooperation airs new anti-Semitic song

The Netherlands totally failed in the 2018 Eurovision songfest with a good song but utterly lacking any glitter or show. They now improved on themselves big-time by broadcasting on national television a parody on the winning song by Israel (clip). (This singer’s name was not published.)

Or so it seems if you don’t know Dutch. The satire is very well done but it’s not a male counterpart like: I’m not your pearl – you stupid girl. Rather, the new words are a catalog of classical anti-Semitism! The scandal also reached the Israeli and international press (though they both made many mistakes in trying to translate the simple Dutch). Below, you’ll find a translated rundown of the whole text as was sang.

This “humor” was brought by BNNVARA, the formerly Democratic-Socialist broadcaster, related to the Dutch Labor Party. End 2012, the VARA already aired “a joke” headlined “Netanyahu finally tells the truth,” which was a manipulated speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by which he now seemed to have said: “We are trying to maximize the number of civilian casualties. We prefer that. We are conducting these surgical operations against schools, mosques, hospitals, children. This is something I don’t have to explain to anyone.”

And then to think that still Muslims in the Low Countries are widely blamed for Jew-hatred. (See one of my upcoming blog posts about that.)

* * *

The Dutch is every time followed by an English translation, after which some analysis of the presented filth.

The first background resembles the ‘Japanese’ one at Eurovision.

Ouch Israel

Kijk naar mij, ik ben een allerliefst landje

Wereldleiders eten braaf uit mijn handje

En ik blus met een kus ieder brandje.


Ouch Israel
Look at me, I am a little very sweet country
World leaders submissively eat out of my hand
And I extinguish every fire with a kiss.

The old message: Jews seem sweet (kiss) but in truth, behind the scenes, they secretly reign the world and have all world leaders under their thumb, including Trump.

The real truth: Almost all countries attack and betray Israel, the UN is at war with Israel from its inception, we need to wait and see if Trump stays loyal to Israel and the US Embassy in Jerusalem is an idea from the US Congress, not Trump.

We geven een feest, ga je mee

Straks in de Al Aksa moskee

Die staat al gauw leeg anyway

Van Haifa tot de Rode Zee

Is vuurwerk en koosjer saté

Dus dans gewoon op mijn muziek – Mee.


We’re giving a party, will you come along
Later in the al-Aqsa mosque
That will be soon empty anyway
From Haifa to the Red Sea
Are brilliant acts and kosher satay [Southeast-Asian meat dish]
So just dance to my music – along.

The message: Israel is feeling fine and not hurt by the constant lack of peace. It is in the process of cleaning out the al-Aqsa mosque.

The truth: Muslims (and everyone) in Israel have freedom of worship. They visit the Temple Mount often for praying to Mecca (their religious center) and there are no Israeli plans to change any of that. Israeli Jews are not allowed in. We recaptured the Mount in the Six-Day War from the Jordanian occupiers and could have ruled differently but we didn’t.

The background becomes a view on where Israel’s safety fence is a wall

Wordt je land door stenengooiers omzoomd

Bouw dan muren waar zelfs Trump nat van droomt


Is your country rimmed by stone throwers
Then build walls that will even give Trump wet dreams

The message: Israelis are as racist as Trump with his wall.

The truth: The security fence only becomes a wall in a few places where there is not enough free land to have a fence with security land around it. Israel was forced to build this to keep murderers of its population out (guns, explosives, not stones), not for racist or xenophobic reasons.

The background becomes now black smoke from Gaza fence attackers

Gooi een buk-a-buk, ja

Gooi een buk-a-raket

Gooi een buk-a-buk, ja

Gooi een buk-a-raket.


Throw a Buk-a-Buk, yes
Throw a Buk-a-missile
Throw a Buk-a-Buk, yes
Throw a Buk-a-missile.

The message: Israel shoots Buk missiles at the Palestinian demonstrators just like Russia (allegedly) fired a Buk missile at the MH17, a passenger plane with hundreds of Dutch people aboard – none survived. Israel is behind all wars and war crimes.

The truth: Israel has no Buk missiles, the black smoke here is from tires set on fire by the fence stormers, Israel does not fire missiles at the Gaza population – but the junta in Gaza does fire rockets at Israeli civilians – a war crime never even challenged by the UN!

The background becomes the recently wounded Gaza fence attackers.

Kijk eens hoe mooi

Kijk eens hoe mooi

Ik bommen gooi

Opnieuw, jawel

Wint Israël

Al seventig jaar lang

Is dat feestje aan de gang

Kijk hoe mooi.


Look how beautifully
Look how beautifully
I throw bombs
Again, sure enough
Israel wins
For seventy years
Is that party going on
Look how beautifully.

She sings with satanic pleasure “how beautifully I throw bombs” with the recent battle at the Gaza-Israel border in the background.

The centuries-old message: Jews are bloodthirsty, liking war and killing.

The truth: No country gives more humanitarian help to Gaza than Israel. Israel uses weapons only with great restraint and reluctance, only to defend itself.

The background returns to the ‘Japanese’ background at Eurovision.

A, a, nope, ik dacht het niet

Gee’ Palestijn komt er in

A, a, a, niet op mijn gebied

Ik ben een  strenge doorbitch

Ik jaag Palestijnen

In de gordijnen

‘t Is mijn fissa

Ik hoor hier te shinen.


Ah-ah, nope, I would not think so
No Palestinian comes in
Ah-ah-ah, not into my territory
I am an unyielding door bitch
I am driving [Literally: hunting] Palestinians
Up the wall
It’s my FISSA [a Dutch party sound cloud]
I need to shine here.

The message: The Jews in Israel have a private party and no Palestinian gets in. They can party because they don’t care about the lives of non-Jews. Those bloodthirsty Jews even hunt them.

The truth: Those who need medical assistance are let in and helped free of change, just like wounded Syrians – no questions asked. Humanitarian assistance. But those who try to murder Jews we do not let in. Israel distinguishes between the two.

Hunting is killing for pleasure. Jews don’t even hunt animals. There has never been a Jewish hunting society.

The background becomes Ivanka Trump unveiling our new US Embassy.

Wordt je feest door radicalen gecrashed

Open ambassades, zorg dat je casht

Chingeling en je ping-a-ping ha!

Van je dollar ‘n cents

En pecunia, ja




Is your party crashed by radicals
Open embassies, make sure you cash
Chingeling [cash in] and your tin-a-tin oh!
From your dollar and cents
And pecunia [wealth], yes
Kerching [pocketing a lot of money]

The message: Israel doesn’t want others to spoil her party.

The truth: The problem is not that those who storm the Gaza-Israel border are uninvited (are crashing). Gazans used to visit Israel until Hamas started its oppressive rule. The problem is that they have genocidal intentions. Enough Jews murdered, we think. This is different from xenophobe rich Dutch people who don’t want refugees in their backyard.

She sings with satanic pleasure of many words for money.

The message: We all know how Jews are money-grubbers.

The truth: Also most Jews are Working Class. The few rich Jews who receive too much media attention succeeded in becoming rich and try to patch up with powerful Gentiles often motivated to protect themselves and their fellow Jews for when the attacks start again. Stop persecuting and rejecting Jews, and blaming them for defending themselves and seeking alliance with anyone who wants.

The background becomes again the recent Gaza fence attackers.

Kijk hoe mooi

Kijk hoe mooi

Altijd, jawel

Wint Israël

Al seventig jaar lang

Is die shizzle aan de gang

Kijk hoe mooi

Da’s toch mooi

Is dat mooi mooi

Ik vind that mooi




Look how beautiful
Look how beautiful
Always, sure enough
Israel wins
For seventy years
Is that shizzle [sh*t] in progress
Look how beautiful
Isn’t that beautiful
Is that beautiful beautiful
I think that’s beautiful
F*cking mess

And again, she sings with satanic pleasure “how beautiful” with the recent battle at the Gaza-Israel border. This repeat gets after the previous stanza new meaning as “wins” now refers to money.

The message again: Jews are bloodthirsty money-grabbers.

* * *

Now, say for yourself. Is this an anti-Semitic text or not? The CIDI, the Center for Information and Documentation, the Dutch watchdog against anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and lies and misunderstandings rooted in them, only found in this song one anti-Semitic problem: connecting Jews and money. Maybe their main staff is on vacation.

Don’t assume for a second that this is an isolated broadcasting incident. As I reported before, Dutch TV news brings anti-Israel news on a regular basis. When I wrote their many “mistakes” (one-sided distortions) to its ombudsman, I was promised a response, time and again. When one of the times, I reported something racist, I was answered immediately. But on their anti-Israel “bias” (euphemism of the week) they never responded. We say also in Dutch: Silence lends consent.

Anti-Jewish remarks are taboo and politically not correct in the Netherlands that champions tolerance but anti-Zionist lies are just fine, in the country that never dealt with its government’s active collaboration with and lack of resistance against the third assault on its Jews. (In the Middle Ages all Jews were twice exterminated in the Low Countries, but that is not taught in its history books.)

The local Dutch Jews are much too timid (scared) to resist (if they’re not too brainwashed by the anti-Israel lobby to even stand with Israel) – but let’s not blame the victims.

* * *

On a lighter note: Today, I was not sure about my first bus driver. He didn’t seem Jewish, Muslim or Christian. I had greeted him already with happy holidays but he didn’t respond to that. But we were talking away. A friendly chap. There’s only one way to find out: asking.

Bus driver, are you Christian, Muslim or Jewish? What does it matter? Well, I don’t know what to wish you. If you’re a Christian, I can wish you a marry Pentecost, if you’re a Muslim I can wish you a happy Ramadan, and if you’re Jewish I can wish you a joyful end of Shavu’ot.

He was none of the above. He was a Druze. No holiday in sight. (Nabi Shu’ayb is end of April.) Ah, from Jethro, I responded happily. He confirmed. I added, we have whole Peoples who are our friends; wonderful. (Like the Druze, the Kurds, the Frisians. Hey, they have in common that they don’t have their own Nation State!) And of course, I thanked him for his service and blessed him with good health.

In Israel, we live so much more relaxed together than anywhere else.

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