Manchester Disunited: One type of terror; three types of reaction

One’s heart goes out to the victims of the Islamic suicide bombing in Manchester. Clearly these were ordinary people, extremely ordinary people most of whom would have been incapable of identifying Iran or Saudi Arabia on a globe, and who didn’t know Daesh from a dash of salt. They should have been allowed to continue living their microscopic groupy lives, harming no one, idolizing post adolescent heartthrobs, and collecting pink balloons and autographs of ‘stars’ incubated in Hollywood marketing laboratories.

Yet, it was their fate to be served up to Mohammed on a platter of bloodshed. They were the unwitting parts of an auto da fe of Muslim self-sacrifice; real blood, real guts, real glory – an express ticket to the deflowering of 72 celestial virgins, many perhaps fresh from this teeny-bopper concert in Manchester itself.

Yet, why this was such big news is a mystery. Muslims blowing masses of babies to kingdom come is a daily occurrence in the fertile crescent of Islamic fervor. Yet these events rarely merit more than a two-line mention deep on an inner, left hand page of those western newspapers which even bother to carry the story altogether. And if the victims are Christian or Yazidi or Kurdish, well who really gives two hoots; Certainly not the vacant Church of England, or the liberation theology Vatican, or the boisterous parliamentarians on the banks of the Thames. The main thing is not to point fingers. Not to place blame. Not to make the vaguest connection between such diurnal atrocities and the religion of peace. And certainly not to voice the slightest concern about mobs of frenzied third world men howling for Jewish blood on English streets, and predicting Sharia rule for their adopted country.

Of course such spectacular giftings to Allah do not occur just in places like England, France, Belgium, Sweden, and the United States. They occur, too, and with far greater frequency in countries whose peace-loving national flags feature curved swords and Arabian scribble scrabble. And, in case you haven’t noticed, they also occur in a place called Israel. Indeed, in Israel such events used to happen on a far grander scale and with much greater frequency. But then that obstreperous BDS-worthy Jewish upstart nation erected its inexcusable apartheid wall and those infamous checkpoints that have so annoyingly limited the scale and scope of these latter day Id al Adhas.

Indeed, Islamic atrocities occur just about everywhere. Yet,there is a remarkable difference between how they are reported on and reacted to, depending on the venue.

Islamic savagery on Islamic soil is pretty much ignored. One sort of expects Muslim boys to be Muslim boys (and occasionally girls). Playing with knives, guns and suicide belts is simply their thing. Far be it from us to meddle in their internecine affairs so long as the oil keeps flowing and the mayhem stays out of our backyards.

Islamic savagery on Western soil is never ignored, evidence the Manchester horror show which Britain’s Prime Minister called a “cowardly attack”. In fact there was nothing cowardly about it. It takes tremendous courage to belt oneself into a bucket of nails and press the button to instant doom. But what was even more glaringly absent from Ms. May’s pronouncement was the ineffable M word lest it offend not only the howling hordes of British Mosque attendees but also the refined sensibilities England’s liberal grandees – including most British Jews – who would never paint their female gender-mutilating, polygamy-preferring, honor-killing, Shariah-preaching, America-bashing fellow voters with a broad brush, or even a very fine one, heaven forfend.

And then, of course, there is the way our stiff-upper lipped friends in the hallowed corridors of the BBC and its ilk react when such atrocities occur in Israel. Suddenly there is no shortage of ink ready to be spilled, only this time it is used to blame the victim. Because when Jews are the target surely it must be their own bloody fault. In fact even when Jews are not the target, nor anywhere near the atrocity, it somehow is still their fault.

So, yes, there are three ways the civilized world reacts to Muslim mayhem: If it happens on Muslim soil, there is no reaction. If it happens on Western soil it reacts with horror but refrains, at all costs, from committing the unpardonable affront against political correctness by naming the perpetrator. And if it happens on Israeli soil, well then by jove, simply blame the victim. And then blame him again if his survivors erect protective barriers.

Yes, it’s a three ring circus of hear no evil, speak no evil, and blame the Jews. Which is why we can count on only one thing – actually two. The first, that such atrocities will be occurring with increasing frequency and ever-greater body counts. Second, that the State of Israel will continue to thrive if only because it refuses to bury its head with its dead.

Europe – through its lethal combination of embedded Jew hatred and embrace of invading Muslims, compounded by a negative birthrate and terminal self-indulgence is headed to oblivion. Britain, through Brexit exhibits a glimmer of awareness. But its refusal to grasp the enormity of its internal socio-demographic problem will mean it will, at best, be buying a little time. America can go either way. If the New York Times and its media groupies don’t succeed in sinking the current White House there may still be hope. But if their agenda prevails I wouldn’t bet my nest egg on the Stars and Stripes either.

The only hope for any western nation is to finally call the problem by its proper name. And this begins, first and foremost with radically re-setting its attitude toward Israel. And that is not bloody likely to happen any time soon.

About the Author
J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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