Mantra for the World

Peres to Kerry :  “The State of Israel appreciates your efforts to renew negotiations. Know that the whole country is behind you,”

The whole country may indeed be so minded to support Mr. Kerry’s latest efforts in kick-starting the US-backed Arab Peace Initiative but what about the rest of the world? Is the world lined up, shoulder to shoulder, behind this new venture or is there still some dissension in the ranks, everything not quite as clear-cut as it should be?

I guess it’s not until whatever proposals have been put forward and agreed upon that the world will give its formal assent to such a scheme. But, somehow, if the same old mantras are trotted out once again, much as they have always been, then worldwide enthusiasm for this plan will be reduced to barely a murmur.

Perhaps humanity is in need of its very own mantra here, one that expresses the frustration and impatience with 65 years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the toll this has taken on lives, dreams and destinies all across the globe.

If Mr. Kerry still seems to be getting nowhere after his fifth visit to the region, perhaps giving voice to this as a constant refrain (or threat) from the rest of us will start matters moving towards some far better – and earlier – result.

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Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .