Many Jews support social injustice in the clothes of social justice

Yes, the social and legal actions under the slogan of those nice sounding words “social justice” very often bring injustice to the majority of citizens. The social justice as it is practiced in USA is not a Torah-based, Jewish and Judeo-Christian justice – it brings more injustice to the society.

The Torah-based Jewish justice is based on providing everybody with equal opportunities independently of race, ethnicity, color of skin, religion, gender, income … and whatever one can imagine. That is because the Torah commends us to treat everybody as “the stranger” or “my neighbor” … of course if this everybody is not a Torah-defined evil. And most importantly, the Torah-based Jewish justice unites the citizens with the concept of individual freedoms and personal responsibility: when you are unhappy you are not blaming the others for your unhappiness – you are trying to figure out what you should do to become happy without making the others unhappy.

The “social justice” as it is practiced in USA is an adversary of the Jewish and Judeo-Christian justice. The “social justice” splits the society into numerous antagonistic groups such as for example blacks vs whites, poor vs. wealthy, male vs. female, religious vs. non-religious, children vs. parents, young vs. elderly, smokers vs. non-smokers, etc. It creates inside each group an unhappy part which, as the “social justice” practitioners believe, is unhappy not because of its unwillingness to take responsibility for individual actions but rather because the other, happy part of a group aggressively deprives the unhappy part of what should make them happy. Moreover, the “social justice” practitioners are trying to create more unhappy people by convincing those who don’t know yet they are forcefully deprived of something that they are indeed deprived and therefore unhappy. And the most serious injustice the “social justice” practitioners are creating is the use of the government power for unequal treatment of citizenry through preferential treatment of some groups of citizenry over other groups that is done through legal redistribution of spiritual and economic wealth. The core principle of the “social justice” is clear: in order to make better-off and happier (spiritually or materially) one group of population the government has to forcefully expropriate something from other groups making them less better-off and happy, and that is contrary to traditional Torah-based spiritual guidance grounded in personal responsibility, free choice and mitzvah-based personal help to all who are in need.

Of course, in the Biblical justice people may find something they don’t like and consider unjust. However, the “social justice” creates much more unhappy people who blame their unhappiness on the “unjust society”.

Below are just two examples of how the “social justice” creates injustice.

On race, ethnicity or color of skin

Martin Luther King was a true Judeo-Christian spiritual leader. He didn’t fight for preferential legal treatment of the black citizens of America – he fought for the same, equal treatment that was applied to the white citizens. He didn’t fight for redistribution of wealth from wealthy white Americans to poor black Americans – he believed in spiritual equality, not in economic equality. The spiritually equal black citizens can do whatever they can and want – strengthen their families and community institutions, get better education and higher income, … or even do nothing and live as their predecessors lived. Martin Luther King wanted the black citizens be responsible for their own life without the government intertwining into their lives by creating special laws for them.

However, the “social justice” leaders are doing something completely different. They are convincing the black citizens that the reason they are unhappy is that the white citizens deprive them from happiness. They are convincing the black citizens, as well as themselves, that is not responsibility of the black citizens to do something for themselves; that is the responsibility of the government to legislatively force the white citizens to provide preferential treatment to the black citizens to make them happy. And that is contrary to the Torah/Bible-based Jewish justice that is based on personal responsibility: if you are unhappy you are not blaming the others for your unhappiness – you are trying to figure out what you should do to become a happy human without demanding something what you have not earned personally. The result of “social justice” policies: both the black and white citizens are less happy – the government is the only entity that is gaining, gaining in power and material wealth of politicians. Unfortunately, many Jews are helping in strengthening the “social justice” policies which are creating social injustice. Many of them hope naively that the government would promote the Judeo-Christian justice but unfortunately that is not the case – the chief goal of any government is to increase and strengthen its power.

On religion

The founding fathers of the USA had clearly stated in all founding documents, first of all in Declaration of Independence, that the spiritual foundation of the USA is the Torah/Bible with the ultimate power in the hands of God. Thus the government should legislate only what is supporting and enhancing the Biblical spiritual principles that is the Judeo-Christian justice.

However, some people want to change the spiritual Judeo-Christian foundation of the USA – they want to replace this foundation by their own “social justice” foundation. And they are successfully doing their social revolution by restricting and weakening the spiritual power of religious Judeo-Christian institutions. They are doing this social revolution by distorting one of the fundamental principles of the Constitution – the separation of church and state. The original meaning of the separation was that no one religious denomination should be designated as the chief church authoritatively speaking on the spiritual issues on behalf of the government – all religious denominations have equal rights in expressing their own interpretation of the God’s commandments. And religious institutions have to be the spiritual/moral voice of the country. However, the “social justice” promoters are trying, and trying successfully, to silence this voice through various government laws punishing the religious institutions financially (through IRS) for expressing their moral opinions openly. The country is changing its original Judeo-Christian morality to a government-enforced “social justice” morality – and many Jews are helping to accelerate this process which leads to social injustice.

Yes, unfortunately many Jews support the social injustice in the clothes of social justice instead of supporting Judeo-Christian justice. It should be obvious for the true Jews that the true justice could be achieved by pursuing the Judeo-Christian, Torah-based justice – not the “social justice”.

About the Author
Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.
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