Marc Lamont Hill’s apology is BS

Marc is very sorry that his words caused harm. Marc is stunned and saddened that the Jewish Community is offended that he used his twenty minutes at the United Nations to call for the continued boycott of the State of Israel, to call for more uprisings, to blame Israel for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and then he uttered the same battle cry that Hamas has used on multiple occasions, “A Free Palestine from River to Sea”.

BULLSHIT Marc. You’re not sorry for anything. Your hatred towards Israel runs deep in your veins.

Let’s break this down:

-Hamas defines “uprisings” as killing Jews. Marc calls for more uprisings.

-The world defines boycotting Israel as boycotting Jews. Marc advocates for increased BDS activities.

-Hamas has received hundreds of millions of US & UN foreign aid dollars. The conditions have not improved – they have worsened. Marc blames Israel for this.

-Marc is really sorry that he doesn’t understand that when he said “A free Palestine, from River to the Sea” that it means the destruction of Israel. Marc knows what it means. He’s a well educated man, has traveled to the West Bank and Gaza and has met with Palestinian Authority & Hamas leadership.

Marc’s hatred towards the Jewish State of Israel & Zionism is well documented. He has routinely spoken out against Israel and has labeled Israel as an occupying force. He seeks the counsel and guidance of America’s # 1 Anti-Semite, Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan & when he was pressed to acknowledge Farrakhan is an ant-semite – he refused to do so.  In July, Marc stated “Israel is an occupying, violent, colonial power.”

Yes, Marc’s speech is protected under the 1st Amendment but in my opinion, this isn’t free speech. This is hate speech. Marc is endorsing what he calls self-defense. So when Hamas crossings into Israel to blow up a bus full of Israelis, Marc thinks that is self defense.

While Marc probably doesn’t want you to know this. This is far from the first time that he has used the “River to Sea’ battle cry. Here’s a video of him in July 2018 calling for increased BDS activities, critizing Zionism and yes, calling for a “Free Palestine, from the River to the Sea”. 

Marc can apologize and defend himself all he wants but it won’t change the fact that he’s an anti-semite who promotes BDS, spits in the face of Zionism and has called for the destruction of Israel on multiple occasions both directly and indirectly.

If I were to call for the boycott of products from Kenya or Nigeria or an African nation – I would be labeled as a bigot and racist. I would never call from the boycott of an African nation but when Marc calls for the boycott of a Jewish Nation, he’s not being racist and an anti-semite? Give me a break.

I’m proud to be an American – I love the United States of America. I’m proud to be a Jewish-American & I love the Jewish State of Israel.

Doubling down on my previous statements and the collective posts and statements from thousands over the last couple days – TEMPLE UNIVERSITY – TERMINATE MARC LAMONT HILL.

About the Author
Bryan E. Leib is a Philadelphia native, he is a Jewish Voices for Trump Coalition Member and a former U.S. Congressional Candidate in 2018 for PA-03.  He is the Chairman of HaShevet and he has served on the boards of the National Museum of American Jewish History, United Way, Jewish National Fund, Jewish Business Network and the Camden Youth Soccer Club. He tweets at @Bryan_E_Leib 
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