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Measurement points of forgiveness

It is no coincidence that psychologist practices in Western society have emptied more in recent years than at the end of the last century. Not always but certainly quite often, the link between psychology and spirituality is not created. Professionals zoom in on a specific area, while the helicopter view to see the whole picture is necessary as well. Thus, sometimes functional and sometimes not sufficient. Here, clinical support is left out, only to talk about support for major life events, phases and transformations. Amongst other reasons, this is why the role of light workers becomes more and more important and intense in the new world – the Aquarius era we already live in. Psychologist and light workers who do create the link between psychology and spirituality, even somewhat philosophy, have the opportunity to do exceptional work.


Sometimes with major life events, phases and transformations, it can be as ‘simple’ as putting the question first: ‘who have I not yet forgiven’? A psychological-spiritual work which focuses on the theme of forgiveness is A course in miracles. I know from experience that forgiving is hard work, all-encompassing and non-linear; something I’m going to explore in my third book. In my life, I went through all those different stages of forgiveness. They can, as it were, be put on a scale, from the human 3D experience to the mystical and spiritual realms of true freedom and innocence beyond time and space. Let me go through a number of measurement points on that scale with you:

Letting go

Letting go of expectations that things should be different and letting go of hope

Seeing and accepting everything for what it is

Letting go of condemnation

Releasing physical, mental – emotional detox – or material baggage

Growing as a person and therefore being able to forgive others

Understanding the bigger picture

Freeing yourself and others from a symbolic prison

Being able to see actions as a call for love as A course in miracles calls it

Focusing on the inner world instead of the outer world

Comprehending that: “nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God”.

Ego and spirit

Many measurement points that are still most inclined towards the human 3D experiences have to do with the ego. There is nothing wrong with that. These measuring points are also necessary. In fact, psychological-spiritual systems such as A course in miracles and the Kabbalah do not speak about destroying the ego, which is the case in for example Eastern systems. However, the further a person is in the process of forgiveness and goes towards the mystical and spiritual realms of true freedom and innocence beyond time and space, the more forgiving begins to become something that has nothing to do with ego, but with spirit. After all, A course in miracles shows that a person is already perfect in the now. The authentic Self would not have acted in such a way, allowing to see those actions as a call for love and even an illusion in this world. Indeed, what is real cannot be threatened; real in the sense of being infinite and imperishable.

Own territory

It is also the case that as long as someone sees guilt in the other, he most likely sees it in himself. In that context, someone remains seeing himself as isolated from others, which is  the case of course from a human 3D perspective, but not from a spiritual perspective, in which we form one whole, without limiting where one starts and where the other ends. Nevertheless, we always do the work within our own territory. With that, a shift is made in the whole. In short, everything works from the inside out. Go for it.

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Dina-Perla (1985) has been on a quest to find out what living gracefully actually means. In the past years, she studied the works of many masters and different psychological and spiritual systems, including Kabbalah – her father was a Kabbalist, teacher and owner of the Center for Lurian Kabbala – and A course in miracles. She has been fascinated about the sustaining outcomes of mind building, both in her private life as well as in the business world. She believes corporate spirituality is an existing yet underexposed field in which personal growth, empowerment and spirituality become tangible and incorporated in everyday life. Dina-Perla uses the acquired knowledge and her experiences when providing workshops, motivational and inspirational speaking and when coaching people (1:1). Her no-nonsense and yet warm style, the blend of works and the strong psychological and spiritual backbone distinguish her as a coach, resulting in lasting change. Dina-Perla is a speaker, coach and author of the biography Exodus from the lighthouse, with the main title Shadow behind and face towards the sun and the guide Living gracefulness.

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