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By the Grace of G-d

Mediterranean Miracles

The previous posts (regarding how G-d protects us from Iran and other enemies, and how Israeli innovations are creating and strengthening relations with numerous countries) portray just some of the many miracles that the Almighty does for us. Here’s some more.

About 13 years ago, following the Gaza flotilla incident, Turkey cut off relations with Israel. Netanyahu then decided that this provided an opportunity to forge strong relations with Greece (Turkey’s longstanding enemy).

Six months later, enormous energy deposits (enough to sustain Israel’s energy needs for many years) were discovered in the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Greek Cyprus. The new alliance between Israel and Greece, facilitated agreement on how to divide and utilize these energy reserves.

Subsequently, Turkey decided that they would benefit from restoring ties with Israel.

In the past year, Russia reduced energy supplies to Europe, so the latter is now very eager to buy energy from Israel.

Thus, as a result of the above sequence of events, Israel now has good relations with Greece and Turkey, and has discovered and been able to develop vast energy resources for itself and for other countries.

Chasidus teaches that G-d is everywhere, that He constantly recreates the universe to keep it existing, and that He orchestrates and conducts everything that happens by Divine providence. And when we open our eyes, we are able to see His miracles, and how they benefit the Jewish people and the world.

On Purim we say in the three Amida prayers “Al hanisim … — for the miracles,” thanking the Almighty for saving us “in those days, and in our time.”

As Prime Minister Netanyahu often points out, Iran now occupies what was once ancient Persia, where the Purim miracle took place; and just as G-d saved us then, we are confident that He will save us from Iran now, and that He will continue to show us abundant benevolent kindnesses and miracles.

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