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Meir Panim and its Volunteers Lead the Way for Nonprofits During the Pandemic

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During this difficult time, it is important for everyone to stick together and help one another. While the coronavirus pandemic has gotten a lot of attention, and rightfully so, there are also a lot of other problems happening in the world. Social justice issues, economic crises, and housing problems continue to leave many people wondering where they can go for help. The good news is that there are plenty of organizations that are stepping up to help those in need. One perfect example is Meir Panim in Israel. Meir Panim is an organization that helps the needy, including by operating soup kitchens in Israel that are in desperate need of volunteers and resources. Luckily, there are volunteers, including occasionally myself who are stepping up to the plate.

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What Does Meir Panim Do?

For those who are in need of a warm meal, Meir Panim is there to provide it (they also run numerous other services for the needy). The poor and underserved populations in Israel do not get enough attention from nonprofit organizations. In many ways, they are overlooked. Fortunately, not everyone looks past them. Instead, some organizations such as Meir Panim, along with its volunteers, acknowledge that these populations need assistance. Historically, Meir Panim has been flush with resources, giving them the ability to help anyone who needed assistance. Sadly, times have started to change.

A Rising Demand for the Services of Meir Panim

In prior years, I noticed that the Meir Panim branch I occasionally volunteered at wasn’t that crowded. Israel had a rapidly growing economy. There were plenty of employment opportunities. Individuals and families were able to find jobs that could support them and their loved ones. Obviously, things have changed recently.

Meir Panim has seen a sharp spike in the demand for its services. It seems like every day there are tons of people waiting outside who simply want something to eat. Even though volunteers such as myself are available to provide assistance to those in need, there is only so much we can do without food.

Historically, Meir Panim got leftovers from local restaurants. Furthermore, when there were large events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs, Meir Panim was able to get the leftover food from these gatherings as well. Given the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants are closed. Furthermore, large gatherings are no longer safe. As a result, the food options for Meir Panim are few and far between. This has left many people looking for answers.

A Fulfilling Experience Volunteering at Meir Panim

During the coronavirus pandemic, the mission of Meir Panim has been put in the spotlight. I have enjoyed fulfilling experiences working with people of all ages at the Jerusalem Meir Panim soup kitchen in the past. There is something special about giving back to those in need. This is a location where volunteers can come and share their wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences with those in need. In addition, Meir Panim serves as a sanctuary for anyone who is looking for a bit of respite from the circumstances outside. Given the current Public Health crisis, the services of soup kitchens such as Meir Panim and their volunteers are needed more than ever.

A Call for Donations from Meir Panim

Clearly, they coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone. During this time, it is important for everyone to stick together and help those in need. Anyone who can spare time or resources of any kind would be welcome at Meir Panim. Meir Panim does admirable work and could always use more food, volunteers, and resources. As long as everyone finds a way to stick together and help one another during this challenging time, Israel and its people will come out on the other side in one piece.

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