Option Number 4


What would be the quickest way to bring about peace and mutual understanding between Arab and Israeli communities throughout the entire Middle East and in virtually every other place on the planet?

1.   Visitation by G-d.

An audience with the divine presence on the Temple Mount, alongside flying visits to other major centres having public access, should do the trick. That, together with the Almighty’s promise to shred everyone into tiny little pieces should these two opposing groups not resolve their differences in double quick time. If this cannot be done, then the party is officially over, the mission scrubbed and it’s the dinosaurs that get to sit atop the food chain during the next phase of creation.

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2.  Invasion from outer space.

Alien beings on the rampage and intent on exterminating man and beast the world over. This would cause all ranks to close up, uniting right around the globe and with every other consideration then being dispensed with in the overriding need to ensure survival of the species.


3.  Extinction level event:  Big asteroid on collision course with Earth.

While much more impersonal than the second scenario, this would be equally effective in redirecting all energies and thoughts well away from mere matters of territorial dispute and suchlike. It’s the sort of thing that ‘concentrates the mind wonderfully.’

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Any of these three ‘solutions’ might easily accomplish the desired result but one obvious drawback prevents their use. They cannot be initiated at our discretion; they do not fall within humanity’s competence to call into being.

So, could we ever scale down these types of remedy to one that might be well within our limited sphere of command and control?


This is simply a rather loose coupling of basic maths with the elements of random selection; it is a means to an end, nothing more than that.

Exponential curve

But then, consider the alternatives:

Waiting for God to put in an appearance and in a much displeased mood: having Men from Mars turn up on your doorstep.armed with ray-guns or a chunk of space rock as big as Manhattan hurtling down from out the void.

Suddenly option number 4 would seem to have a lot more going for it than might previously have been the case.


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