Meni, “YEY”…. Sara “NAY”

Israel has now witnessed the supremacy of law in the case of Meni Naftali versus Sara Netanyahu, wife of our Prime Minister.

Sara Netanyahu has long been accused by former employees of the Prime Minister’s official residence of verbal abuse, humiliation, irrational demands and abusive rages. Complaints against Sara have been many over the years.

It has been reported that she is a heavy drinker, champagne, champagne and champagne and goes into fits of rage if an employee does not appear when she snaps her fingers. Workers in her household have been abused over several years.

One complaint stated that she telephoned an employee after midnight and demanded that he come to the residence immediately to prepare for her a bowl of hot soup.

Sara Netanyahu is not known as a nice, refined woman. Behind her back, people have referred to her as “Bibi’s bitch”.

It is well known that she is the dominant personality in her marriage and that the Prime Minister asks her opinion on many matters prior to making a decision.

If she dislikes a potential candidate or a promotion for someone in the Likud, she instructs her husband to reject the individual. And our Prime Minister is known to frequently follow Sara’s “advice”.

Meny Naftali who had been a caretaker at the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem had accused Sara Netanyahu of verbal abuse, unrealistic demands of his time, forced to work overtime without pay, and broken promises regarding his employment.

He brought a suit against her in the Jerusalem Labor Court for abusive treatment and the court upheld his complaints. Sara Netanyahu lost the case and Meny Naftali was awarded 170,000 shekels by the court.

In his own words he proclaimed with pride “David can beat Goliath”. A simple, hard-working, honest man brought down the wife of our Prime Minister in shame, while the entire nation watched the proceedings and rejoiced at the verdict.

More complaints against Sara Netanyahu have been brought to the attention of the Labor Court, including one from Guy Eliahu who is suing over wrongful dismissal and mistreatment by her.

If the court accepts the complaints the verdict against Sara Netanyahu will be the same as the first.

Israel can be proud of our justice system. An ordinary citizen can sue the Prime Minister and his wife and can win, something that doesn’t happen in courts of other countries.

I cannot imagine a cook in the White House suing Michelle Obama in a court of law because she threw a dish at the cook in a rage over burned toast for her breakfast.

Sara Netanyahu is a bottle collector. Her empty wine bottles are the duty of an employee to return them to the store and bring the deposits to her, many thousands of shekels, which she puts into her own pockets.

Her abusive treatment of those who worked for her will have no effect upon her husband’s political popularity but he will forever live with the shame and disgrace that his wife has brought upon the reputation of ethical and moral standards of behavior which had been neglected by her over the years.

Will Sara Netanyahu accept the court’s decision of her guilt? Personally, I don’t think she is able to admit it. She has a sense of superiority and lacks tolerance and decent behavior towards those who serve her.

She does not deserve our pity. Our scorn and disapproval is what she rightly deserves.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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