Merkel’s Germany: an antisemitic genocidal state

Once again, some or a good number of the readers will find the heading to be outrageous and gratuitous.

It is my intention to demonstrate that the heading is both valid and a timely one that must be addressed on an urgent basis .And while I am at it, it is my further contention that the policies of the European Union and in particular those of France, are of kindred spirit.

Germany’s genocidal record

Germany has the unique distinction of being the only so-called western “civilised” country that has committed not one, not two, but three genocides all within the first half of the 20th century.

Namibia- The Ovahereros and the Nama: 1904-1908

The first one was perpetrated between 19014 and 1908, in the former German colony of Namibia, and then called South-West Africa. The research of the genocide to date reveals that, in January 1904, the attack of German farmers by Ovaherero communities who resisted the German settler-colonial invasion of their territory triggered a genocidal warfare against “the savages”. In its aftermath, the genocide continued by condemning tens of thousands of the Ovaherero to death by thirst and hunger in the Omakehe steppe. This in turn led the Nama communities to take up arms against the Germans. As a result, thousands of Ovaherero and Nama confined to concentration camps died of hunger and malnutrition, harsh weather and the consequences of forced hard labour. Groups of Nama were also deported to other German colonies in Africa and few survivors were repatriated towards the end of the German rule. According to estimates, half to two thirds of the Overherero and a third of the Nama did not survive.

Some 111 years after the ending of the genocide, the German government finally came around to admit culpability for this genocide – one, until now generally unknown in Germany and not found in its history books, and offered to make some kind of amends for it.

Ottoman Empire- Eastern Anatolia Armenians: 1915

The second genocide was perpetrated during WWI, when starting sometime during the 19th century, Germans became accustomed to excusing Ottoman violence and atrocities against Armenians. The Germans called the Armenians (what else?), the “Jews of the Orient”. Finally, in 1915 (if not before) German troops assisted the Ottoman army in carrying out the Armenian genocide that killed an estimated 1.2. million men, women and children, by providing the latter with the weapons and whatnot needed to commit the genocide. Again, over one century later, the government admitted its complicity in the genocide and recently the Federal Parliament, at the instance of a German-Turkish member of the Parliament, passed a motion recognising the genocide.

Germany- Multiple genocides and the Shoah: 1939-1945

The third one, was perpetrated, not by Nazi Germany as the post-war allies phrased it, to spare the feelings of Germans and of the post-war German governments, but by Germany, often enough with the assistance of numerous other countries which are currently members of the EU and which, save for the reluctant late admissions of guilt and the payment of tidy sums of money by some of them, they got away Scott- free.

The German genocidal program comprised a set of specific genocides committed against a number of groups, the largest among which killed some six million Jews to become known as the Shoah.

The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide (“the Convention”)

The Convention approved by the General Assembly of the U.N. on December 9, 1948 came into force on 12 January 1951. The Federal Republic of Germany acceded to the Convention on November 24, 1954.

Article 4 of the Convention reads:

“The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.”

Iran on a number of occasions stated quite explicitly its intention to perpetrate genocide on Israel. So has its terrorist-genocidal subsidiary Hezbollah while, its other terrorist genocidal subsidiary Hamas has repeatedly indicated in unequivocal terms that it intends to wipe out Israel from the river to the sea.

Question: Is Merkel’s Germany honouring its solemn legally binding undertaking to prevent Iran directly, through and in combination with its agents Hezbollah and Hamas from committing genocide?

I submit that to date Germany has taken no steps towards honouring its undertaking. Further, based on the evidence available to date, it is clear that it intends to do nothing of a kind alone or with its allies in the EU and in NATO.

As a matter of fact, quite to the contrary, Merkel’s Germany is not only failing to do that; it is, along with the EU, engaged in devising and applying economic stratagems that actively undermine the United States’ policies targeting Iran’s program of acquiring atomic bombs and producing missiles with atomic warheads, and assist Iran and hence enhancing Iran’s capabilities of acquiring them. Merkel’s Germany is doing so, knowing full well of Iran’s genocidal plan to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

The two subsidiaries of Iran

Hezbollah in Lebanon

On July 12, 2006 Hezbollah launched an unprovoked deadly cross-border attack on Israel that triggered 33 days of war-fare which had a devastating impact on the Lebanese people, despite the humanitarian efforts of Israel to keep civilians’ out of harm’s way. When the war came to an end of sorts, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed Resolution 1701 in order to prevent the recurrence of such a situation and to resolve the conflict by a variety of means to be executed by the Lebanese government .Toward these ends, R. 1701 included a number of injunctions against Hezbollah and the implantation of a UN peacekeeping contingent, the UNIFIL to insure Hezbollah’s compliance with the terms and spirit of R.1701.

As it turned out, the Lebanese government failed abysmally to get the upper hand against Hezbollah. UNIFIL in turn failed abysmally to perform its mandate. Hezbollah and its members played fast and loose with both the Lebanese government and UNIFIL, increased substantially its arsenal, built six tunnels into Israeli territory under its nose and attacked and damaged some UNIFIL assets as it happened recently.

Iran keeps supplying Hezbollah with sophisticated military assistance, whenever possible, by seeking to avoid the Israeli military attention it deserves.

In the meantime, in July, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, with a map of Israel on hand detailed the “huge destruction” of Israel and to describe the aim of the organisation as being to wipe out Israel .And to leave no doubt whatsoever about where Hezbollah stands, this month, Nasrallah publicly took an oath of allegiance to the Supreme Guide of Iran Ali Khamenei and swore that he will be with him to the end; a sentiment reciprocated by Iran who undertook to stand by and with Hezbollah to the end of times, so to speak.

Where then is Merkel’s Germany in all of this? It declared the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation. This past month, Germany refused to declare the civilian arm of Hezbollah the Shiite Islamist terrorist military organisation to be an integral part of that organisation on the contorted reasoning that, as the German Deputy Foreign Minister put it, the civilian arm (which supports and represents the military branch, propagates its subversive and radical Islamisation program “is a relevant factor in Lebanese society and part of the complex political landscape in the country” where Hezbollah has 2 or 3 seats in the cabinet of 30 and 12 seats in a Parliament of 120.

In so doing, Merkel invented a new species of terrorist organisation where the head and the arm are each endowed with a different brain, the latter thinking and acting independently of the former.

In the meantime, the civil arm of Hezbollah, among other things, does the bidding of the military overseas through fund-raising by a variety licit and illicit means such as drug trafficking, money laundering. It spies. It spreads the faith by radicalising mosques and congregations: 30 German mosques and Islamic cultural centres are tied to Hezbollah. As someone put it, “Hezbollah is Iran’s most successful export”.

Given the opportunity to help fix the mess in southern Lebanon as a result of the latest unprovoked flare of Hezbollah aggression against Israel, after two draft resolutions which the U.S. threatened to veto, the new UNSC Resolution 2485 supposedly intended to fix the shortcomings of R.1701, to boost the Lebanese government and expand and strengthen UNIFIL’s authority and powers ended up being a toothless exercise. Worse, the motion which Merkel’s Germany supported managed to put Hezbollah the terrorist belligerent and the IDF acting in self-defence on an equal footing.

Merkel obviously did not bother to consult the rest of the political representatives of the Lebanese society before voting for the new toothless version of R. 1701. For example,

Elie Mahfoud, the leader of the Lebanese Movement for Democratic Change laments the political chaos caused by Hezbollah and that everybody in Lebanon wants to know who rules the country raising the question:” Who rules Lebanon? Lebanon’s leaders are waiting to hear whether Nasrallah declares war or not.” He further lamented that “Things cannot go on. Hezbollah cannot continue to hold all the government power in Lebanon and decide for us what we should do.”

Mustapha Allouch, a member of the Lebanese March 14 Alliance movement, stated that Hezbollah has “not only appropriated the [authority to make] decisions about war and peace in Lebanon. It has appropriated the [authority to make] decisions about war and peace anywhere between Iran and the Mediterranean Sea…..Where does this all lead to? Decisions begin in Iran and end in the [Hezbollah HQ].”

Wehbe Katicha, the Lebanese MP of the Lebanese Forces Party declared that “… there will be no economy in Lebanon as long as it has militants acting outside the law. Why would [Israel] attack Lebanon?”

The Lebanese Prime-Minister, declared he was unable to curb the political party- cum-terrorist organisation’s activities.

And if Merkel did consult them and heard them, it must have come in one ear and all gone out the other.

So much for Merkel’s contorted logic about granting political recognition to the civil arm of Hezbollah on the grounds that “it is a relevant factor in Lebanese society and part of the complex political landscape in the country”. As a matter of fact the political landscape of the country could not be any clearer: Hezbollah financed by Iran runs the country. Homicidal and genocidal Nazis run the country on behalf of another homicidal genocidal Nazi regime that Merkel’s Germany insists in assisting economically.

Nor for that matter did Merkel consult , hear, let alone, heed the views of leaders and political commentators of other Middle Eastern countries before voting for R.2485.Had she done so; first, she would have known that; the Bahrain and the UAE governments condemned Hezbollah’s attack on Israel; second, she would have heard Saudi writers tell her that Lebanon deserves to be a sovereign state, that Hezbollah is an Iranian lackey; attacks Israel to serve the interests of Iran; is devastating Lebanon, while it and Iran are destroying the region and that Israel has the right to defend itself.

Last but more to the point, Ahmed Al-Jarralah editor of the Kuwaiti daily published an article titled “Rescue the World from Persian Nazism”. Nazism, a notion that should have raised acute alarm bells in Merkel’s brains as well as of all the E.U. It turns out that when it comes to Nazism Merkel’s Germany is hopelessly tone deaf.

It is to no avail. Germany did not let go of the Armenian “Jews of the Orient” nor of the Jews of Europe; nor is Merkel’s Germany about to let go of the “real “Jews of the Orient, “the Jew among the nations”.

In the meantime, Macron presumably with the contribution of other EU nations including Germany offered Iran a line of credit of $15 billion dollars to ease Iran’s hardship caused by the American sanctions in an effort to save the nuclear deal. Iran promptly rejected his offer while heaping ridicule on him.

Gaza: Hamas and The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)

Nor is Iran being stingy with Hamas and the TIJ. A long time financial supporter of Hamas, in August, Iran expressed its willingness to raise its current yearly allowance of US$70 million (less than US$ 6 million a month) to US $360 million a year (US$ 30 million a month) in exchange for Hamas providing intelligence about the location of Israeli missile stockpiles, presumably the raise being paid upon provision of the intelligence.

Further, Israeli intelligence officials believe that Iran and Hamas have come to an agreement to open a war front against Israel in the event of conflict breaking out with Iran and/or its allies in Israel’s northern front, and thus try to force Israeli forces and defence systems to the south.

Be that as it may, Iran’s perfidy does not respect even its ostensible ally and agent Hamas, as it recently started to prompt PIJ, the second largest terrorist force in Gaza to take the lead role in the escalation of conflict against Israel and in the process causing the infliction of retaliatory military damage by Israel. In the process PIJ is in effect challenging Hamas and may end up causing the economic collapse of the peninsula or a civil war between the two groups with dire consequences for the Hamas government. .

In the meantime, Merkel’s Germany and the EU countries have yet to condemn Hamas and the PIJ, take the appropriate actions to stop it from committing war crimes against their own people while killing Israeli Jews and just as topical nowadays, committing environmental genocide.

As a matter of fact, no sooner had President Trump announced his intention to propose a peace plan between the Palestinians and Israel, Merkel was agitating for an international conference to torpedo the Trump initiative and at all events, without knowing anything about the plan, she along with the EU decided to oppose it if it did not provide for the bankrupt two-nation solution.


President Trump based on evidence of Tehran’s breach on the sly of the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), its illicit pursuit of developing its atom bomb(s) while at the same time becoming the world’s biggest terrorist state with plainly and clearly articulated genocidal intentions concerning Israel and the U.S rightly declared the nuclear deal not to be worth the paper on which it is written as it does not by any means prevent the Mullahs from acquiring nuclear weapons, dropped from the agreement and began to impose economic and other sanctions on Iran.

Merkel’s Germany responded to Trump’s actions by organising the Instex system to help Iran and the E.U defeat the sanctions to the extent possible and to maintain the existing trading relationship between Germany and its EU partners and Iran.

Germany (as always and invariably along with the E.U), has done absolutely nothing to stop Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons or violating the terms of JCPOA.

Again Germany refused to take any substantive action to punish the Mullahs when, according to the Brookings Institute, they invested the windfall of cash they received as a result of the JCPOA in the internal terrorist apparatus and in Hezbollah and to a much lesser extent in Hamas and the and missile technology.

German obstructionism has gone so far on its own, as to refuse to disclose Iran’s attempts to obtain nuclear weapons and missile technologies and prohibited materials in violation of the terms of the JCPOA.

Considering its genocidal history and the effluxion of barely 70 years since its last one, Merkel’s Germany seems to have already forgotten five of the key lessons taught by the way the U.K and the U.S. handled Adolph Hitler , summarised by David Harris as follows :1.Failure of imagination can be catastrophic (while in the present case, there is nothing left to imagine: the genocidal apocalyptic designs and intentions of Iran and its allies is as clear as crystal ); 2.Appeasement does no work with aggressors;3.Never trust totalitarian regimes of any stripe;4. Totalitarianism is Totalitarianism, and 5.Dehumanization of a people can lead to its destruction.

And if she needed a refresher course on the subject, she could consult the Iranian writer Majid Rafizadeh who recently reminded the EU that the Mullahs of Iran will not be or become your friends in response to your policy of appeasement of the regime.

Decidedly, Merkel’s Germany is attracted by the fascist Nazi ideas that resurfaced in Iran, as the messianic apocalyptic extremist sectarian ideology of the Mullahs.

At the end of the day, why is Merkel’s Germany maintaining friendly relations with Iran’s antisemitic genocidal regime? Henryk M. Broder, Polish- born son of Holocaust survivors, Die Welt journalist and best- selling author provides the frightening yet plausible answer : whether consciously or sub-consciously “ the completion of Hitler’s Plan-destruction of Israel’s [seven] million Jews”;

As to Germany’s violation of its solemn legally binding undertaking under Article 4 of the Convention; decidedly, Merkel’s Germany has no courage, no respect for Jews and Jewish lives, no honour, no guilt and no shame.

About the Author
Doğan Akman immigrated to Canada with his family. In Canada, he taught university in sociology-criminology and social welfare policy and published articles in criminology journals After a stint as a Judge of the Provincial Court (criminal and family divisions) of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, he joined the Federal Department of Justice as a Crown prosecutor, and then moved over to the to civil litigation branch . Since his retirement he has published articles in Sephardic Horizons and e-Sefarad and in an anthology edited by Rifat Bali titled "This is My New Homeland" published in Istanbul.