Miami Surfside – Praying For A נס (Miracle) = 110


My Blog continues to emphasize the contribution former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey made to America as well as his love for Israel. I was preparing another Blog when suddenly I saw the terrible news of the building collapse in Miami Surfside. There are many things to say but for this Blog I will concentrate on the number 110.

If Hubert Humphrey were alive today, he would have just turned 110 years old. Using Gematria on the Hebrew word נס or miracle, there must be a strong message for every one of us as Shabbat and the three weeks approaches.

On Yom Kippur we are told there are three things we must do to avoid an Evil decree – Repentance, Prayer And Giving Charity.

As I write this, I feel for all the families of the loved ones affected by this tragedy. But as I have written many times before, saying prayers for those who need it most, especially at a time like this is very important.

We do not know at this stage how many that are trapped in those buildings are still alive, be there is always hope that through Prayer miracles can and do happen.

Shabbat is beginning here in Israel in three – hours and I will be saying extra Prayers for all of those who are still trapped. Sunday begins a tragic period in Jewish history when we fast.

Perhaps G-d is sending all of us a message that we should consider doing something extra not for just ourselves, but for all those still unaccounted for in that building.

If we all participate and do the best we can then hopefully, we will begin to see miracles happen. It all depends on us.

Shabbat Shalom

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