Mind over Matter

Will they have talks?                                                               Will they not have talks?                                                         Will they think about having talks?

Or does the concept of these talks produce so much mental imbalance that even contemplating their taking place at all throws everyone into utter confusion? Maybe we’ll know more tomorrow (or today) when Mr. Kerry is due to present his latest findings on the subject.

But, if the prospect of face-to-face negotiations cannot yet be countenanced, then could remote communication via telepathic linkage be a substitute?

What I mean is this.

If the innermost workings of each side’s collective consciousness could be accessed in the clearest possible detail, would this not constitute a better arrangement for more productive dialogue than that which presently exists?

Knowing for certain what are the other side’s thoughts and intentions might be quite a distinct advantage in the negotiation of peace terms. The ability to read the opposition’s mind (and vice-versa) would reveal just how far areas of compromise could safely be explored. Hitherto, many of these would have been off-limits in previous, verbal-only discussions.

Well, actual mind-reading is not even in its infancy just now (sighs of relief all round) and so cannot render significant assistance here. But reprogramming the overall situation might very well force all those more directly involved to think along very much the same lines. And, since each side is always able to read its own mind, the mind of the other would then be equally accessible, having become, in effect, just a carbon copy of its opposite number.

By reducing all the elements of the problem down to one overriding train of thought, a rudimentary form of mutual mind-reading comes into play and this would make any subsequent peace process far easier to realise than all those that have ever gone before.

Of course mind reading is spooky stuff but this one would be so highly specific that it should hold no mental terrors for any of us. In fact, everyone might eventually find the concept quite amusing in its own strange way.

About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .