Misfortune of India!

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After being divided on the grounds of ‘Religion’, since its inception in 15th August, 1947, India has been engaged in preventing itself from disuniting on the basis of Caste, Creed, Colour, Language and Region.

Ever since, except Central part, almost Northern, Eastern and Southern parts of the India, have been fighting for their independence.

Nagaland’s tribes have been demanding separate Country since independence, Punjab’s Sikh community demanding for separate Country (Khalisthan), trampled in 1984 Sikh riots which led to Indra Gandhi’s assassination, again gaining momentum, Maoists (Naxalist) have been fighting against State and Central Government, killing innocent people, for their vested interest since five decades, and of course,  whether Kashmir is India’s or Pak’s take another century.

Meanwhile, the southern parts of Country have been against Indian government due to its policy against Tamils in Sri Lanka, that too led to Rajeev Gandhi’s assassination in 1991, and flame still burns.

And now, since 68 years, the Country seemed to be united, again stepped towards another disaster of the India’s History.

The advent of Bhartiya Janta Party, backed by Hindu fundamentalist groups, made minority communities insure in Country, known for ‘Unity in Diversity’.

The fear of being finished from Country have been dwelled deep in minority communities in India, including Muslims, Christians and others which constitute around 20 per cent of total population.

Since, 68 years, India have been failed in uniting and leading the backward communities to mainstream, it failed to control its external and internal security issues, internal and external terrorism  shows the weakness of Administration.

Biggest internal security threat to India, Maoists (Naxalism), separatist group inspired by Marxism-Leninism ideology sprouted due to prolonged dissatisfaction from government, non availability of land, job and other source of income, has reformed into gangs of criminals and robbers. The Kashmir issue is the foremost international dispute India faced since its independence fighting 3 Major wars but could not find any substantial result.

It may be called as ‘Misfortune of India’ that, when corresponding countries like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Israel, Hon Kong, Taiwan, China and Indonesia were developing, what India was doing in past 68 years, lagging behind very far from the countries, which were at the same position before 40-50 years.

India got its independence in 1947 from British rule, while Singapore was created in 1959, 12 years after India’s independence. Singapore is merely as big as half of Indian Capital New Delhi. At the time of independence Singapore was suffering from poverty, corruption, poor infrastructure, merely in 50 years it became Asia’s four big economic power, with land area of merely 700 sq km.

It is unimaginable for such a small county to become world economic power house, with outstanding infrastructure becoming foremost tourist destination not for Asians but Europeans and Americans too. How it transformed from poorest country to most beautiful county of the world, is of course an example for developing poor countries.

India need to learn some lesson from this country which did not have even enough food 50 years back has become hotspot tourist destination, economic and cyber centre.

Ironically, Indian has more than 32 lakh sq kms of land with wide verity of land space, snow-capped mountains to meows, tropical forest and plains. But Indian could not improve its tourist infrastructure due to which India could not even fruitfied it’s so called tourist paradise: Kashmir which is far more beautiful than Switzerland.

Israel, known as War country of the World, has been involved in war since its inception in 1948 after division from Palestine during British rule. Since then it has fought numerous major and minor wars against neighbouring countries. It fought a number of wars against Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine, defeating them every single time.

With its land area just 20,000 sq km which is exactly half of Indian state of Kerala, it still has made itself strong enough that even United States of America do not dare to underestimate it. India, hundred times bigger than it, is the largest military importer of Israel. All the modern agricultural techniques like drip irrigation, arid agriculture are discovered in Israel only.

On the other hand, India the biggest democracy has always failed in presenting itself as strong as it seems to be. Had it given appropriate answered to Pakistan,  such vulnerable situation in Kashmir has not been created. Such a giant country could not control a smaller and poorer country like Pakistan whereas such a small country like Israel has made chew iron grams to countries far more power full then them.

China the upcoming world power pacing fast to overcome America in next 10 years. With double digit growth rate in last 3 decades China has become second most developed county after Unite States of America. In last 20 years it grew tremendously fast, leaving all the advanced countries behind in the world.

It has become largest electronic products manufacturer in world. All the electronic equipment from Mobile phone to watches are being manufactured and assembled in China and imported by all the advanced countries. Even the world’s best phone manufacturer Apple, Sony and Samsung also prefer assemble their phones in China only.

However, it will take another decade to setup Apple’s assembling plant in India.

Thanks to China, that big mobile companies decrease their prises, the reason behind mobile reached each and every household in India as well as other developing and poor countries.

All the times India claimed to be World’s greatest civilization but our times had been gone thousands of years ago. We had been slave for more than 1500 years that destroyed our education, research and intellect and literature. First Mughal then British ruled India and destroyed its culture from its core and now India even after 68 years of independence could not stand on its own,

The problem India after independence Indian confronted was its diversity. Due to so many Religions, Race, Cast and Creed the integration of India became almost impossible. That is the reason that there has been communal violence occasionally. Moreover, North-eastern states are still isolated from main stream, still feel like outsiders.

Now, Indians have to decide, whether they want to be a Global Leader or Global Fight for their Religion, Colour, Caste, and Creed and live on mercy of West forever.

About the Author
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.
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