Misinformation becomes “truth”

“A lie told often enough becomes truth” – Vladimir Lenin.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels.

An outright lie, repeated by Women of the Wall in many instances (this is the latest one) eventually becomes accepted as truth, even if it is quite clear that it is a lie. Thus is the nature of propaganda.

But since I do understand that most people out there are good people, and don’t want the wool pulled over their eyes, but do want to know the truth, I need to put this out there, for all eternity, in a blog post that can be easily referenced by anyone who seeks this information.

Women of the Wall’s Shira Pruce claims that “Women for the Wall was formed shortly after a District Court judge issued a decision supporting WoW’s right to pray at the holy site. ‘It was only then that we saw the formation of a group whose sole purpose is to protest WoW,’ she said.”

As much as she would like others to believe this lie, it is simply not true. Women For the Wall was not founded after Judge Sobbel’s decision that WoW, at this time, cannot be arrested for praying at the Kotel in their way, since the laws about “minhag hamakom” at the place are currently too ambiguous.

Proof for this?

Women For the Wall was founded in April 15, 2013, 10 days before the court ruling. This link will bring you to the day our page, and hence W4W, was started. (Proof. )

It just so happens to be, that before we could organize our first Rosh Chodesh tefilla at the kotel (our plan from the start), 10 days after we founded W4W, on April 25, Judge Sobbel made his ruling.

Saying that we formed as a result of the ruling is simply untrue, as a simple date and fact check can show, and its just an excuse to delegitimize W4W and any opposition to WoW.

Don’t believe lies, just because someone is repeating them to you often enough. Do your own fact checking and find out the truth.

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Adara Peskin is a non conformist chareidi feminist single mother of 4 living in Kochav Yaakov, activist for mental health awareness, blogger at about living a life with mindful spending, and foraging instructor, attempting to make a kiddush Hashem every day via her interactions with others.
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