Modern Orthodox? Conservative?

Something that has been personally very difficult for me is growing and becoming more observant and trying to connect with other women for shabbat that are my age and are also in the middle and growing. The last week alone I have spoken to sooo many people and networked and inquired on and called various synagogues in Brooklyn, as I would love to find other Modern Orthodox or Conservative women who keep shabbat and kosher and the holidays, but are not considered themselves frum. When your growing, like I am, it’s sooo important to have a sense of community. Where does one go when you/re not secular anymore or frum?

In my case, since I’m nostalgic for the company of good friends and like to socialize, I reach out. I have been doing so and hope that at the end of summer I will find a group of people that I can grow with who will be my community. There are so many different types of Jewish People with various labels.

I believe there should be one for a group of people in the middle to also connect with each other in Brooklyn. What I have been finding is that they are soo scattered. The ones who are not frum and not secular and are on the brink of growing or going backwards.

For me, it will be a personal thing to create a group that are in the middle who will connect and network to other resources and places to go for shabbat.

I heard an amazing lecture by Rabbi Mitzrachi, there is one set of rules and one God and we shouldn’t forget or modify the rules. That’s why repenting and changing your actions are so important. However, if we are not a 100% becoming frum, and it takes us longer to listen to our Father’s rules and grow, there should also be a place where we are comfortable if we are in the middle..

This will be my mission…to start a network where can grow and support each other and if we are ready to take on more mitzvot then that will be the course and that’s where the support and networking will come in..

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Born and raised in Queens,NY to a secular Jewish home, I moved to Brooklyn and tried to start over and learned that getting to a place where I keep the Sabbath, kosher, and holidays isn't always as easy very little family support and living on my own in the city. But what keeps me going is this feeling that no matter what Hashem will always take care of me.
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