Daniel Teeboom

Mohammad Merah: Courtesy of the Left

Instead of exposing Islamist propaganda, Western media and culture compliment it. How can anyone expect young Muslims in the West not to be influenced by this?

It turns out Mohammad Merah’s primary targets were not Jewish kids but French soldiers of Arab decent. Imad Ibn Ziaten, Abel Chennouf and Mohammad Legouade were serving as paratroopers in the French army when they were gunned down by Merah. And he was looking for more.

Why did the kill them? Obviously according to his Islamist ideology they were traitors. But what did Western society teach him about them? The guy after all grew up in France, not Saudi-Arabia. Did the West do anything to counter the Islamist view that these men were greedy traitors? The ideological Left views all wars waged on behalf of Western interests as fundamentally evil. The soldiers who serve in the wars of the West are either depicted in movies and popular culture as hapless idiots or as mercenaries responsible for the death of many innocent civilians. Just watch the movie Avatar to know what I mean. Or Redacted, or War inc, or the Siege, or Munich.

That too many people have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is undoubtedly true. But the moral knights of the left don’t give a damn that the soldiers involved in these wars don’t intentionally kill civilians. Most civilians after all were killed by Islamist terrorists. Even Osama Bin Laden complained about that. But the Left, especially in Europe, does not care. Instead it does everything in its power to confirm every bit of Islamist propaganda a young Muslim in the West may encounter. Be it about Israel or the various wars against Islamic terror.

False narrative

The media in Europe, with the exception of perhaps sometimes Germany, is not interested in any way to correct the false narrative of the Palestinians and the Islamists. There are no rectifications. Not in the case of Al Dura, not in the case of Jenin and, at least in Holland, not in the case of the Mavi Marmara. When it is about Israel in the European media the reporting consists purely of lies. About water, about the treatment of Israeli Arabs, even lies about why Israel cares about new born babies. When you take your information from the regular media there is no chance you will ever hear about Pallywood. Consequently, whatever the Palestinians or Islamists claim is accepted at face value. Meanwhile on the political level, Hamas is invited to Brussels while EU officials routinely defame Israel.

The result of all this is a steady drumbeat of anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment that seeps through every nook and cranny in European society and enforces Islamist tendencies among Europe’s Muslims.The question is of course: Why? Why is this happening?

Wrong conclusions

The animosity towards Israel is not necessarily caused by antisemitism. Though undoubtedly the Holocaust provides a psychological need to see Israel fail. The real problem is that the West, and especially the Left in Europe, has drawn all the wrong conclusions from the Holocaust. Whereas the importance of Jewish sovereignty was seared into our souls through the experience of the Shoah. For the Left the lesson of the Holocaust is not that minorities should be able to protect themselves, but rather that nations should disappear. Power, they believe, should not be wielded by the people but must be concentrated in supranational organizations.

The fact that we not only like having a country but are also eager to defend it is a major disappointment for the Left. That’s why they keep on complaining that because of our history they would expect something ‘better’ from the Jews. They simply don’t get that what we have learned from history is that Jewish power is a very good thing and we will never voluntarily give it up. It’s impossible for the Left to understand this because they don’t believe in self reliance. Not on the individual level and not on the national level. They reject the notion of sovereignty and prefer to worship the United Nations regardless how many times the UN facilitates mass murder and corruption on an epic scale. Faith, after all, is blind.

What’s more of a mystery is why the Left feels so sympathetic towards the worst Islam has to offer. My hunch is that it is related to the common belief there is something fundamentally wrong with the world. Both the Left and the Islamists believe the world needs to change. It’s an odd complaint. We live in the most enlightened part of the world in the most technologically advanced time in the history, yet the left and the Islamists never cease to remind us that our societies are in reality racist, sexist, backward and bitter. I guess they both want paradise now, just like the left in Israel wanted peace now. Turns out Peace Now means War Forever. A similar forecast awaits the desire for instant Utopia.


Minorities growing up in an environment where they are told their host nation is evil easily accept the premise as it is always easier to blame your failures on somebody else. It is not surprising Mohammad Merah fell for this crap. The life of an immigrant is not easy and it’s hard enough to find your way without people telling you can blame somebody else. But that’s what happened to Merah and he grew up believing society did not give him what he deserved. Receiving no feedback that his views were wrong he turned to crime and extremism. We are now told, in another attempt to make us feel guilty, that he became a radical because he was refused entry to the army. But the three men he murdered in cold blood were equally North-African and equally Muslim. By killing them Merah sent a chilling warning to all European Muslims of good will. Courtesy of the Left.

Through their anti-Americanism, anti-Capitalism and anti-Zionism the Left is nurturing Islamic fundamentalism. Of course, most leftists don’t fully understand what the consequences are of their ideology. They believe because their ideals are laudable their movement must be a force for good. In small doses that is really the case. But as any good consumer should know, you cannot judge a product by its advertising slogan. Those are usually lies anyway. Instead, what you should do is check the ingredients. And what we get from the left, grievances and centralization of power, is not healthy at all.


The real danger for Europe is not Islamic fundamentalism but the lack of dialogue. You may think Jewish settlers are dogmatic, but they are paradigms of pragmatism compared to your average lefty. Sounds over the top? Jewish settlers demonstrated in Gaza a willingness to compromise on their ideals when the choice was between giving up and spilling Jewish blood. The Left has no such inclination. They want to race ahead regardless of how people feel. Damn the consequences.

But maybe people don’t want to give up sovereignty, maybe multiculturalism isn’t such a wonderful idea? Nobody on the Left cares, they have no interest in listening to the other side because they feel these arguments are morally wrong. This is kinda surprising when you consider we are dealing with the tolerance and open mindedness crowd. Until you realize it’s just a slogan. What matters to them is victory.

I know my thoughts are not unique and there are many other people who have come to similar conclusions but without the knowledge that they have a second home somewhere. For them Holland, France or Norway may be all there is. We already know what that could mean and if this continues, which it will, such atrocities may happen again. If it does unwillingness among the Left to listen to those who disagree with them understandably will increase as well. I can’t blame them for that, it’s only human. But it is where the real threat to Europe lies. Radical Islam is just the catalyst.

It’s easy to be somber, and maybe in 20 years everything will be different through of some fundamental change we could not possibly foresee. But right now, it seems more likely Europe will descend back into the darkness.

About the Author
Born in Switzerland in 1973. Raised in Holland. My parents were Holocaust survivors.