Moonbeams in a Jar

Happy birthday, President Shimon Peres! Good to see so many people of different nationalities, age groups and political persuasions united in celebration of your 90th year.

Now if only such unity of purpose could be seen in ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And so many others.

But getting all the myriad players in this 65 year-old saga to start singing from the same song-sheet is much akin to catching moonbeams in a jar. Damn difficult.

Yet, in order to set up any form of tangible peace process, that really is what has to happen. No one can be left out and all viewpoints must be taken into account; just one lone faction can so easily disrupt the course of any serious journey towards what should be this common destination.

But how to cater for so diverse a company of nations, communities, religious groups, political parties, individual agendas and various adherents to this or that way of thinking?

The answer. Don’t bother. It gets us all nowhere. The only outcome will be to sink into a morass of conflicting opinion, adamant nay-saying and resolute defending of one interpretation of the exact same situation over another.

Instead of toiling away to produce answers that will never arrive, the best approach now would be to create an entirely new question and then see what will be the response of all those affected by it.

Change is the only constant, nothing ever stands still. The question is, can you make change a friend or a foe?”

(Quote by Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Mayor at Tomorrow13 and lifted from Lottie K’s post below.)   Thanks, Lottie.

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