Moral abyss: Germany, USA, UN

Germany, the USA (outgoing administration) and the UN have descended into a horrifying moral abyss as a direct result of Israel’s new Regulation Bill.

Yesterday (7 December), for example, a spokesperson for Germany’s Federal Foreign Office bleated that Germany was “deeply concerned”  about Israel’s Regulation Bill. Germany was “taken aback”, the Foreign Office spokesperson pontificated. The bill “would seriously undermine” German’s confidence in Israel’s government, Germany threatened ominously.

“Deeply concerned”?  “Taken aback”? “Seriously undermined”?

Israel’s Regulation Bill merely resolves the issue of homes built on what might possibly, decades ago, have been owned by Arabs.

Israel’s Regulation Bill provides any rightful Arab owner with every penny owed to her or him (usually him) for the value of the land. In fact, the level of compensation established by Israel’s Regulation Bill is more than the land’s monetary value – 125% of the value of the land will be paid to the Arab owner, if any.

Israel’s Regulation Bill does prevent a former owner’s heirs from suing to evict families and bulldoze the families’ homes if built in the last few decades on the property. This is only if the homes  were built in good faith on the property without knowledge of  a property claim which arose later.

Looking for something for Germany (and the USA and the UN) to be “deeply concerned about?

A heinous “Real Estate Management” law  was passed in 2015 in Poland and was recently upheld by Poland’s constitutional court. The Polish law  even further limited the rights of Polish-Jewish Holocaust victims to any sort of even partial monetary restitution for the properties they owned. In the case of the Polish law, the  properties in question were taken away from the owners by barbaric Nazi tormentors and murderers who cruelly slaughtered 3 million Polish Jews. Well yes, various European governments “urged” Poland to pass a more fair law. Poland paid no attention. Much good all that “urging” did to the Jewish Holocaust victims.

Of course, Poland’s disgraceful failure to restore property to its murdered Jews’ heirs does not stand alone. “Deeply concerned” Germany’s famous restitution to the Jewish people was in total about 70 billion dollars whereas Germany’s budget – every single year – is over 300 billion dollars. For this payment, the millions of murdered Jewish were considered collectively – which was reasonable since after all they had been murdered collectively. Pursuit of Jewish Holocaust victim’s individual property rights was scornfully deemed “time consuming” – as opposed to the sanctity of Palestinian property rights now being expressed by the Germans, of all people. From the vehemence of the Germans, one might think that Israel had indeed  failed to honor Arab property rights – which as above is simply not the case.

Generally, in Eastern Europe particularly, “restitution of property confiscated during the Holocaust proceeds exceedingly slowly, if at all,” as the World Jewish Restitution Organization understated it not long ago. Simply put, there has been no restitution of private Jewish property at all, to any survivors or heirs who have since fled Europe – i.e. to practically everybody slaughtered by the Nazis.

What are the Do’s and Don’t’s that should bind Western Europe, Washington, and even the poor old morally bankrupt United Nations?

DO: Germany, the USA and the UN  should express “deep concern” —  about Europe’s shocking refusal to reimburse (descendants of) so very many Jewish property owners slaughtered by European regimes during the Holocaust. Legal action in the court of the European Union – 70 years after the Holocaust – has been described delicately as “pending”.

DO: Germany, the USA and the UN  should reiterate that they are “taken aback” — by the despicable lack of justice meted out by Europe to the Jews they so cruelly murdered.

DO: Germany, the USA and the UN  should put out press releases stressing that European countries’ travesty against the Jewish people “seriously undermines” their confidence in these European governments .

DON’T: Don’t bully Israel, not one bit, about the Regulation Bill. Israel’s Regulation Bill is utterly fair and more than reasonable given the chaotic, antiquated land registries in our region. To the extent that Western countries or organizations would like to ensure that Arab land-owners enjoy property rights, they might take on the not infrequent cases where individual Arabs try to sell useless stony land to Jews. These Arabs often find themselves lying at the bottom of the village well with their throat slit – with indolent Western civilization turning a blind eye.  Western countries might also protest the root cause of this abuse of Arab land owners by Arabs. The root cause is  that, for the failed Palestinian regime,  when an Arab sells his land (to the Jews – the only people who might successfully utilize the stony poor land in question) – this is considered an offense punishable by death.

DON’T: In a nutshell – don’t be hypocrites.

Simply let  us Israelis run our country fairly and reasonably, despite great duress, as we have been doing from Day 1. Put your selective conscience to work elsewhere.

About the Author
Susie Dym is a London-born, English-speaking Israeli. By profession, she's a patent attorney in Israel’s private and defense industries. She also has over 20 years of experience in public affairs including introducing the Israeli parliament to the novel concept of achievement orientation by masterminding the Mattot Arim reports. She still serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli NGO working toward peace-for-peace since 1992, and is well connected to Israeli public figures in government and media.
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