Mordechai Netanyahu is Coming to Shushan DC

Purim then and now

The story of Purim took place approximately 2500 years ago, in 465-485BCE.

The actors of Megillat [the Book of] Esther were, King Ahasuerus of the kingdom of Persia, Haman and team Esther/Mordechai. The gist of the story, King Ahasuerus’s right-hand man, evil Haman was planning to kill all the Jews living in the Kingdom but Esther and her uncle Mordechai saved them from annihilation.

Fast forward 2500 years, on March 4th it is the beginning of Purim, 2015 CE. The actors at this time are Iran and its ruling Islamo-Nazis evil mullahs, the modern Kingdom of Persia. Iran is located where the Kingdom of Persian used to dwell. It is constantly threatening the state of Israel, where over 6 million Jews live, with destruction. The Iranian mullahs’ call Israel a one nuclear bomb country. The modern Haman is the United States’ president Barack Hussein Obama, who is negotiating with Iran with total disregard for Israel’s existential threat from this evil Islamo-terror state. Obama is about to allow Iran to have the capability to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons they will allow them to develop under the nose of the deliberately oblivious to Israel precarious situation vis-à-vis Iran, and money obsessed free world. To Israel’s aid comes modern Mordechai his name is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is determined to use the USA Congress auditorium to speak to the American people and the entire free world, taking the place of King Ahasuerus, with the hope they will come to Israel’s assistance and stop Obama from signing a bad agreement with Iran, after which Iran will be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons and then the entire Middle East will enter an ongoing chaos and be in a race to obtain nuclear weapons.

Obama Vs Netanyahu
Obama Vs Netanyahu

What turned to be a miracle for the Jews, approximately 2500 years ago, has been ever since celebrated by them as the Festival of Purim. The celebrations are joyous and include dressing in costumes, eating and drinking beverages, even alcoholic, and sharing food with family, friends and the poor.

Israeli children dressed up for Purim Carnival
Israeli children dressed up for Purim Carnival

Are we looking at history repeating itself?

Are we seeing a modern story of Esther developing these day?

Are we now expecting that all the pieces of the puzzle will be matched, just like the miracle that happened to the Jewish Nation 2500 years ago?

We are about to celebrate Purim and we will do it with joy and much hope, while we pray for the Almighty, the Father of the Universe, the King of Kings, to be there for the Nation of Israel and the entire civilized world.

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