Mr. Obama goes to war (sort of)

The President asked the Congress the other day to issue a “war powers authorization’ so he can lead another “coalition” against ISIS/ The Caliphate. After declaring the Jihadists to be the “JV”, drawing a “red line” in Syria and retreats from Iraq and Afghanistan, we can be sure panic is spreading among the faithful in the expanding territory of The Caliphate and the presumed Mahdi. The “lead from behind” and with “moral” fortitude, Mr. Obama once again responds with typical lack of passion, determination and a real plan to what has become a well-financed, armed (at the expense of American taxpayers) and motivated by 7th century ideology Jihad that aims to conquer the entire globe. Islam numbers over one billion adherents and is perhaps the most rapidly expanding religion. The Washington administration considers most of its atrocities the acts of mindless criminals and seeks to bring them to justice like a burglar or other criminal. It refuses to even admit that they are Muslims. It will be placing brave troops, many re-deploying from the recent retreats in Iraq and Afghanistan to advisory training positions to gradually train and re-equip “moderate Syrian” rebels. Unfortunately, these brave soldiers and pilots will be facing an enemy that slaughters its captives on internet channels to taunt families and friends of the heroes. This enemy recognizes no Geneva Convention on POW’s. The war will be conducted from safe, air-conditioned offices, or from the golf course as a weary and stressed out Chief Executive tries to unburden himself from the duties he bears for all. Pardon me if I seem sarcastic or even bitter. Bear with me. I grew up in the 1950’s with a United States that was the Arsenal of Democracy and the world’s leader. We confronted a fearsome and aggressive Soviet Union and by the 1990’s prevailed. Today like many others I ask “What happened?” No one leads from behind. The Atlantic and Pacific are no longer barriers to war, ICBM’s fixed that. The Caliphate is not a burglary ring or street gang either. You won’t arrest them and bring them to justice. They declared holy war on all infidels: Jews, Christians and anyone who does not acquiesce to their world vision of perfect Islam. There are two options: submit or die horribly and on YouTube for your grieving family to see.

Perhaps some suggestions are in hand here. For one, leading from the back is an oxymoron, leaders are in the front. They lead, motivate, inspire etc. So far the only people who match that description are PM Netanyahu, King Abdullah and Gen. al-Sisi. So, who needs a back row, “JV” orator who’d rather be making speeches and doing fundraisers in front of adoring fans or doing “selfies” for softball interviews? The working relationships among Israel and its two former enemies, Jordan and Egypt are an example of genuine leadership. Thanks Mr. Obama, we need dependable leaders and movers who can shake the earth.

Resupply has to be dependable, after all King Abdullah said we’ll stop when we run out of gas and bullets”. Warrior-kings need dependable allies and supplies so they can wage war, not adolescents who talk-talk and throw temper tantrums. Egypt has been thrown under several buses by the US-assisted deposing of what was a workable but not totally ethical regime of Mubarak. So were other nations now in civil wars (Libya, etc.). Underhanded plots by the current DC administration could shame John Foster Dulles’ maneuvers of the 1950’s in overthrowing any government he disapproved of and which his agents in the CIA could undermine.

All the while, “Peace in our time” reverberates as Secretary Kerry conducts “talks” apparently on his knees begging, with Iran’s peace-loving diplomats in Munich. Somehow that rings a bell as a PM Chamberlain stepped off a plane in 1938 with a signed agreement from Herr Hitler guaranteeing “peace in our time, (or 30 days which ever comes first). Does anyone in Foggy Bottom read any history? Tehran’s own vision of The Mahdi comes with its label, it is racing The Caliphate to be first. A nuclear incident that involves warring states in the Near East would be the perfect fuse to a world cataclysm in a geopolitical maze that very closely resembles the entanglements of 1914. Russia, China and other powers all could find themselves at odds with only one nuclear weapon launched. All Iran needs is one.

In conclusion. Israel, Jordan and Egypt can do quite well without the involvement of a once great superpower. Gas and bullets and re-supply are needed, not behind the back deals and begging on your knees with Tehran’s Mahdi pretenders to the throne. The Caliphate must be dealt with harshly until they stop, retreat or give up. So far no one has counted Jihad surrenders or prisoners. They are fully committed, the Obama Administration is not. It’s that simple. Thanks but no thanks Mr. Obama. I’ll trust PM Netanyahu and the fighting King of Jordan and the experienced General in Cairo. Thanks for listening to the thoughts of a very disappointed American.

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Tom Brennan is a former museum curator, library adminstrator, small business owner, sheriff's deputy, Arabian Breeding Farm Manager, cowboy, farmer and author. He writes for