‘Mufti is my hero’

Now, to be clear, I’d like to emphasis exactly which Mufti we’re talking about.  His name was Hajj Amin al-Husseini.  He was a Nazi collaborator, expelled by the British in Mandated Palestine, who actively met with Adolf Hitler.  He was also prepared to coordinate the mass murder of the Jews of pre-state Israel in the event that the Nazis would invade.  According to this individual in a speech in January 2013, the mufti was a great man, his hero, deserved great praise and was someone whose principles the Palestinian Authority Arabs should emulate and adopt as their own.

So who exactly said these words, in praise of someone who advocates genocide?  Would you drink tea with him?  Would you break bread with him?  Perhaps share some personal anecdotes – maybe a story or two of your children’s first steps?  Would you honour him and invite him to speak at your universities and institutions?  How about negotiating the future of your country and its people with him?

Well, actually, you may have heard of him.  He just spoke at the UN on Friday.  You see, his name is Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, and is considered a ‘moderate’ by the world.

In his speech on Friday, Mr Abbas said that Israel is planning another “Nakba” and accused Israel of committing war crimes and genocide in Gaza.  Genocide.  When a thousand terrorists are killed in targeted attacks after launching missiles and attacks on innocent Israeli civilians – it is considered genocide by the distinguished gentleman; however when one of his coalition partners called Hamas, has a charter that calls for the murder of all Jews in the world, well… that’s okay.  If fact, not only is it okay, this Palestinian Unity government of Terror is welcomed by the European Union, the United Nations and the US itself.  President Obama even praised Abbas in an opinion piece in an Israeli newspaper in July this year.  In fairness to the US, they did say Abbas’s speech was ‘counterproductive and undermines efforts to create a positive atmosphere.’  Hmmm, I guess accusing a country of genocide and then expecting that country to give you a state with no real commitments on your part, could lead to some negative atmosphere.

But maybe I’m being harsh.  I mean what does Mahmoud Abbas really know about genocide? According to his thesis from the University of Moscow, it was not the Nazis who were responsible for the destruction of European Jewry, but the World Zionist Organisation.  And in any case, it wasn’t 6 million who died, but only 1 million!  Of course, people are quick to point out that his position has changed.  Perhaps it has – but I’m also expecting a visit from the tooth fairy later tonight, right after a meeting with a delegation of aliens from the planet Thumpazoid.

Yasser Arafat invoked terrorism directly, by financing and coordinating it.

Mahmoud Abbas invokes terrorism indirectly, by setting up the conditions ripe for it.

Their ultimate goals are no different – the destruction of the State of Israel, which is why both Arafat and Abbas have turned down every offer for peace ever made to them.

I sometimes wonder how the world leaders, who chastise Israel and threaten it with sanctions, yet praise those whose heroes wanted genocide, sleep at night.  Do they look in the mirror, after brushing their teeth, and say to themselves:  I’ve made the world a safer place.  And amazingly, do they believe it?

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.