My Beloved Knocks

Art by Akiva Lipshitz

Just this morning I received this anonymous letter in my mailbox.

For many years intuition told me a potent force lay beneath all the layers of knowledge-structure that has accumulated over the ages. 

The philosopher Aristotle was wise when he said form gave shape to matter, for that is how reality is understood with language. Insofar as language is an abstract representational system for the higher dimensional sensed reality of the noetic sphere all language defines the form of the substance of perception experienced by the mind, and identified by word. Representational structures force the mind into visions of the language it knows and the thought structures to which it is already familiar, cultural patterns it acquired. These thought and behavior patterns by which every individual lives are what collectively drive the evolution of society. 

Because the highest truth accessible to human beings need be accessible to all human beings, it necessarily must subvert all representation structures. To the extent that thought is verbal there will always be an I-It gap. It is clear to those with understanding that this truth of reality and of the human self, is accessible only if the mind can enter the state underneath the layers of structure which have accumulated over the course of human history. Thus must all structure be subverted. 

Prior to humans creating structures of their own such as in the intellectual, political, and agricultural human forum, they functioned with the innate structures bestowed upon them by “nature” itself. Obviously the G-d of Israel is not independent from nature but exercises his will through it to the finest details. This can be discerned by people with keen powers of discernment. For Aronoi Elokim, the G-d of Israel, speaks through nature, through a Newtonian framework of cause and effect. Why did you fall, because you did not look. Yet, when reality ceases being an object cognized with simple cause and effect rules and morphs into an all immersive moment which engulfs one’s consciousness, one then learns to speak I-Thou. Cause and Effect give way to the wholeness of the present.

The path to truth extends even beyond the I-Thou dyad and renders such virtually irrelevant. The binary system collapses into a dense black hole where the iron will is both the black hole and the light diffused in a glow around the center point. But this place is quite hard to come by because how can Man rise out of all the structure in his mind? But Aronoi Elokim has made this possible in the human being by design and the structure has been there all along. Aronoi Elokim has only been hiding since the beginning of his fading away. For with sufficient preparation it is possible for the individual to gradually become like a drop of oil submerged in an ocean of water as the noetic sphere contracts inwards and regards more and more of what constitutes itself as merely accidental relative to its essential awareness. The noetic sphere learns to rub hydrophobically against its surroundings as it leaves the projection of its soul into the higher dimensional material reality and moves upwards towards the central point of itself. 

The process occurs in stages and the path to truth converges in a single point; first the individual learns to discern between desirable and undesirable ideas and to do so absolutely and with determination. Gradually, one then learns more complex networks such as ways of life and political systems and learns to form a framework of truth represented in the language of humanity, which categories such truths as what is desirable for human beings and what is not. Man learns to form a comprehensive system, for which the Aristotelian system is a good metaphor, even if it is not fully true. Modern philosophy has become abstract in that the words it uses are more and more removed from perceptible reality, akin to a few lines spread through the volume of a vast sphere; words with such sparse connections to perception they cannot ever adequately represent the fullness of the noetic sphere’s dynamical watery flux. 

The language of Our youth, Lashon Hakodesh, fills the whole space of the noetic sphere. By living in its rhythm we experience the dynamic flux of life according to its true underlying matrix structure. This language networks every discrete category in the proper relational scheme. Thus when Adam first spoke in the true mother tongue of Lashon Hakodesh he spoke the language Man is designed to speak. It was natural that the sounds he uttered spontaneously from his noetic whole were Lashon Hakodesh. But the ability to Speak this tongue has been lost even though its representational capacity far exceeds what all modern languages can achieve. Because we no longer have access to our whole noetic space, the truth of being is locked away.

We must eschew our material environment – the room, the chair being sat on, the song being played, the color, the sight, the sound, the heartbeat, the touch sensations, the thoughts inside, the experience we have when we utter “I” – and contract our mind into itself by attending to its momentary flowing into being both from within and without. The fullness of the sphere pulses like freshwater gushing from on high. The end of the sphere is encapsulated in the beginning and the beginning encapsulated in the end, all experienced within the genesis point of the noetic sphere’s will. All else is suspended for an infinite moment when only the driving will Is. In this awesome encounter the created addresses its Creator


Having climbed to the highest peak Man’s divine soul now shines through him, animating his entire self when he descends. The material soul is ruled over by the divine essence of Man, his point of connection to the transcendent bestower. 

Israel, your G-d calls out to you. You have been asleep, as creatures prancing, galloping, glip gallop, around your G-d, moving here and there, but he has been right there in yourselves, hiding in the background. And so now says Aronoi Elokim “I have made you alone in your homes, I have brought you into the wilderness as in days of old. Follow after me to Zion like you did in the love of your youth”

Coronavirus. Knock.

Iran bombs US airbase in Iraq. Knock

Israel forms unity government. Knock.

Plans to annex the West Bank. Knock.

Iran launches military satellite. Knock.

This letter. Knock. 

The seventh lamp must be lit, the eagle has landed. 

And the consequences shall most surely materialize as any person of understanding sees. That is what is written in G-d’s Torah, given in his tongue to his people. Israel, Your Lover Knocks and it is time for you, Beloved to awake from your slumber. Hear, Oh Israel, Aronoi is our G-d and you will Live. 

Let this seed take root and grow into the Tree of Life! Blow the Shofar, sound the Alarm, Gog’s army has stirred. 

Make the Light shine like it did “In the Beginning…

About the Author
I am the son of Clive and Shira Lipshitz. I'm a talmid of Rabbi Michael Rosensweig at Yeshiva University where I am majoring in Physics and Philosophy. I learned torah at Yeshivat Kerem BYavneh and Yeshivat Har Etzion. My email is aclipshi[at]mail[dot]yu[dot]edu.