J Street, I Dare You to Condemn PA War Crimes

Hey J Street, I dare you to create one Facebook post that puts part of the blame for the failed peace talks on the PA’s incitement to kill Jews. Seems like a no-brainer for a “pro-Israel” and “pro-peace” organization, right?

In the past six days on its official Facebook page, J Street has blamed settlements and/or Bibi for the collapse of the peace processes three times. Meanwhile, it has yet to mention even once the PA’s unwillingness to make any concessions, the PA’s glorification of terrorism, and the PA’s continuous incitement to genocide (which is a war crime) as even slight obstacles to peace.

J Street claims to be “pro-Israel” and pro-peace,” but it only condemns Israel and it ignores obvious obstacles to peace committed by the PA.

War crimes and the glorification of terrorism seem to me to be pretty large obstacles to peace; shouldn’t these PA actions be blamed at least partially for the collapse of the peace process? Or how about the PA’s recent partnership with the terrorist group Hamas?

So here it is J Street: I dare you to post just once on Facebook about the PA’s continuous pro-war actions.

Just one post about incitement; or one post about glorification of terrorists. It’s an indisputable fact that this is happening, so stop ignoring it, especially if you claim to support Israel and peace.

Try this for a post: “We strongly oppose the PA naming schools and summer camps after the terrorists who have killed the most Jews.”

Or this: “LIKE and SHARE if you believe PA President Mahmoud Abbas must stop glorifying terrorists as heroes.”

Or post this: “Being a pro-peace organization, we condemn the continuous PA-sponsored incitement to hate and kill Jews. This incitement is a key obstacle to peace and must be dealt with at once.”

Feel free to use the examples above. The ball is in your court, J Street. Prove to me that you are actually pro-Israel and pro-peace.

I dare you.

About the Author
Zach is the Managing Director of ZOA Campus, the campus branch of the Zionist Organization of America. Before working for the ZOA, he worked in Israel advocacy in Tel Aviv. Zach is a graduate of the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism.