My enemy’s enemy is still my enemy

As America tries to form a coalition against the Islamic State – they are becoming increasingly desperate in their bid to form a unified presence against the latest in a long line of Islamic terrorist groups.  John Kerry has recently met with the Iranian Foreign Minister to discuss the threat of the Islamic State.  Now – to be clear this is not a different Iran to the one that is a founding member of the Axis of Evil, as it’s been called.  This is not a different Iran to the one that is continuing to build its nuclear capabilities, while laughing at the so-called ‘negotiations’ over its nuclear program.  This is not a different Iran to the one that has a proxy called Hezbollah operating in Lebanon – a group designated as a terrorist group by the American government.  This is not a different Iran to the one that the US government calls “an active state sponsor of terrorism”.

So as it stands, America is now dealing with its enemy in a bid to bring down another enemy.  And what happens if America and Iran form an alliance and they are successful in bringing down the Islamic State.  Then what?  Do they become friends, or allies?  And will anyone remember Obama’s words when he said that Iran will not become a nuclear power?  I’m sure it will be spun in a way that allows Iran to have civil nuclear energy for peaceful purposes – with safeguard guarantees.   Yeah yeah.  The same guarantees that stopped Hezbollah from rearming in Lebanon.  The same guarantees that stopped Hamas from acquiring weapons.

You see, the truth is that guarantees don’t actually mean anything.  When it comes down to the crunch, words will be spun in ways that nullify everything that was guaranteed before.  Henry Kissinger once said:  America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.  The problem is that for a small country, such as Israel, you don’t have the scope to rely on a guarantee that can be scrapped to fit those interests of the day.  President Obama talks about red lines, but he doesn’t actually have any – they’re more like green or blue lines – maybe amber.

By dealing with a terrorist sponsoring entity like Iran, he is not making the world safer – just more confusing, because one day when that particular war is over, his new found allies will turn again, like the carousel that Middle East regimes tend to be.  It’s true that the Islamic State is a strong terrorist entity, but it is not the only one.  It’s true that the Muslim Brotherhood, of which the Hamas terrorist group is a member, is banned in Saudi Arabia, but it’s also true that Saudi Arabia supports Al Qaeda.

So round and round the carousel turns with all guarantees as reliable as a paper weight in the deepness of the Mediterranean Sea.  Probably the only thing we can rely on is that all have the universal goal of destroying Israel first – and then the Western world.

If people want to know why Israel is so head strong and ‘defiant’ against the world community’s ‘desire’ to force it into indefensible borders, the answer is simple:  the world’s guarantees of security for the Jewish state might lie in their ‘interests’ today, but will it be in their ‘interests’  tomorrow?

That’s a risk that Israel cannot afford to take, because if any of these terrorist groups that pollute the Middle East, including the ones that America is flirting with, ever succeed in their ultimate mission, Israel will not be the last stop, but merely the first.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.