My First Rosh Hashanah Service

Yesterday evening I attended my first Rosh Hashanah service at my synagogue, Temple Beth El. It was so great to see so many people there celebrating the coming of the year 5774. I must admit that it really is true when they say that the High Holy Days bring so many temple members “out of the woodwork” because it was a full house for sure.

One thing that really stood out to me before even entering the building was the police presence that I haven’t seen in the area while attending regular Shabbat services. They had two officers standing out front at the entrance and then an officer inside the building. It is sad that there is an element out there that could possibly seek to do harm to people coming together to peacefully celebrate the High Holy Days. I never see police being posted outside of a church on Christmas or Easter. I hope this New Year will bring greater peace to everyone.

Hearing the shofar being sounded and seeing all my fellow temple members listening to Rabbi Jonathan was a great way to spend my Wednesday evening. If only all the people would show up in such large numbers the rest of the year… I love how I am approached by so many people every time I walk through the door there. Everyone is so welcoming and interested in my story. I really feel a true sense of community and belonging there that I haven’t felt before. I am glad that I am following my heart and my mind and pursuing a Jewish conversion and life.


About the Author
Ryan Fagan is originally from Southwest Florida, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is employed in the financial sector and is active at Shir Tikvah, his Reform shul. He recently converted to Judaism after being raised in a Catholic household. He also goes by his Hebrew name, Aviv.
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