My Plea for the Truth

Over the past two weeks in Israel, there have been many pleas.

There have been many pleas for prayer — and this is crucial and always needed — all over the world.

There have been pleas for money, to help the victims and their families — again, truly needed and important.

There have been pleas for peace — and so many opinions on how it should be achieved.

There have been pleas to ban Arab workers from entering Israel proper because they endanger us.

There have been pleas to allow the Arab workers to continue to work so they can generate income and stay out of trouble.

There have been pleas — so many.

My plea, for whatever it may be worth — what I call “The Real Plea” as we read this week the story of Noah and the flood that destroyed the world — is for you.

The real plea — the real difference that can further this world in being a better place — is simply for you. It’s not only for you, but for your presence in the Land of Israel. While your prayers and money from afar are important, your physical presence is worth so much more.

As I tend to sing to the choir, I will note that I am certain that anyone reading this is a true lover of Israel and the people of Israel. But the best lover of Israel is the one that supports Israel by literally standing here in Israel. Taking that step brings us all another step closer to peace.

Your presence will further neutralize the uneducated, radical extremists that attempt to destroy our Homeland — The Homeland of the Jewish people that G-d promised to our forefathers and delivered to us.

Let us experience of flood of Jews returning to their Homeland.

While Israel may be outdone in traditional and social media, let us not be outdone in the commitment to be fully present.  I don’t minimize the effect of a rally in front of the Union, a march on Capital Hill, or perhaps a concert at the Sydney Opera House in support of Israel. These efforts are certainly important and should be continued.

But the real effort is in getting on a plane — unless you’ve mastered the art of walking on water — and coming here to support Israel with your presence, your efforts, and your solidarity.

This is my plea for the truth this difficult week. My hope is to see you here next week.

Shabbat Shalom.


About the Author
Stuart Katz was born in Panama and grew up in San Diego. He served as National Bnei Akiva Director, is highly educated (for whatever that's worth); managed an airline; made aliyah; traveled to over 80 countries; passionate about reducing mental health stigma in Israel and around the world...he's an entrepreneur and is involved in almost any volunteer project which comes his way