Elizabeth Browder

My thoughts on the last few days…

As most have heard, Hamas is having an extended temper tantrum and shooting lots of rockets into Israel. Hamas is like that psycho ex you cannot get rid of. You know the one..You try to be nice, and he/she/it just keeps getting crazier and crazier..eventually pushing you to take action. Israel has put up with multiple rocket attacks and finally has had enough. When you shoot thousands of rockets at civilians, this happens. How many times is Israel supposed to watch as their citizens run to shelters before enough is enough? What country would be asked to put up with this?

The answer is NO country would be expected to sit back and let a terrorist organization do what Hamas has done. No country would put up with it. So, why is Israel being asked to “show restraint”? Why is Hamas not being asked to “show restraint”? Why is Abu Mazen not being held responsible for his partner in the unity government doing this to civilians? (Let us not forget: Shooting rockets at civilians is a war crime and the Palestinian unity government should be condemned by the United Nations for it, but they won’t be.) The answer is simple (and some of you will not agree): ANTI SEMITISM. Plain and Simple. The same hate that allows vile things to be said about those who are Jewish and those who support Israel is the same hate that allows people to ask for “restraint’ and silence on Hamas’ actions. Those who hate Jews can turn a blind eye to all that a terrorist organization does and condemn Israel for every action, no matter what it is.

I personally have nothing against Palestinians. I have found them to be, for the most part, compassionate people. I pray nightly for those in Gaza because I feel they are being held hostage by Hamas, who is supposed to represent them. I will continue to pray for them. And hope one day, they will really be free, and live side by side with Israelis in peace.

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Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.
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