My Two Cents Worth

History has shown that Karl Marx and the Chinese Communists were/are right. In due time and with infinite patience, if Marxists’ can get control of one percent of the a Democratic narrative (through heartfelt slogans, such as “Apple pie is delicious” and “Motherhood is akin to sainthood”, among similar, difficult to disagree with, narratives) they will be able to (eventually, if the majority are asleep at the wheel) control 99% of the population.

Recently, I joined a motherhood and apple pie organization and have now requested my dues be refunded for three reasons:

1. I just found out that the organization was founded by Marxists.

2. That in itself wouldn’t bother me, if I hadn’t discovered that the motors of such organizations, are too often still kept running by that religious philosophy. And make no mistake, Marxism is a religion.

I wish I would have realized that, before I’d sent in my dues check. That said, I often find that I can move forward more easily, by looking backwards at my mistakes.

3. Good causes, such as keeping non denominational prayer out of public places and waving the flag for the free expression of extremism (hate speech and destruction of property without consequences) are GREAT in theory but can have adverse to disastrous results in practice. For example, the former can dismantle respect for non denominational religious expression and the latter can allow for the yelling of fire in a crowded theatre.

In closing, I’ll share that my first writing paycheck was two cents. No kidding. So whether or not anyone agrees with my views, I’ve even been paid for my two cents worth!

If any doubters need proof of the worth of my thoughts, I’ll show them my old bank statement.

About the Author
The author is a Common-Tater, which, when spoken aloud, is a very professional sounding title, for a Mrs. Potato Head. But from the spelling of the title, you can see that, when the author comments on life, she doesn’t ever take herself too seriously. Mrs. Potato Head...excuse, please......the author, as a Common-Tator, lives in the U.S. and has had various careers, in alternative lives, as a teacher, social worker, lawyer, serious and humorous radio show writer, producer, and performer. Currently she is a video humorist and a writer. Although, almost the age of an eleven year old dog (actually a bitch, but we won’t go there), she remains as active as a pup.