Name, Shame, Label and Blame

Over the past few days there has been a tantamount excess of opinions related to the two big events that have shaken the whole of Israel and then some. It is apparent that the majority of what has been written as either editorial opinion or blogs, has been written from a stance of shame, disgrace and condemnation. However, many of the comments on these writings, show an internal bitter hatred and mistrust between not only the left and right of the political spectrum, but also the secular and religious communities. This breaks down even further within all of the representations of the many different religious affiliations, way too long to even begin to list.

There is no doubt that these events have left a nation in shock. One crazed known maniac, who just so happened to be the visual representation of Orthodox Judaism, lashed out at Jerusalem’s pride parade. This left people pointing fingers at the ultra-orthodox religious community. If one madman, acting alone can cause the verbal persecution resulting in actions resembling a blood-libel pogrom, then what have we become as a nation and what chance do we stand with the rest of the world?

Then, the firebombing of a house in Kfar Duma which left a baby dead and a family shattered, resulted in the use of the words ‘Jewish Terrorists’, before any suspect has even been apprehended. ‘Jewish Terrorists’ seems to be a buzz-phrase right now on social media. As yet, nothing is concrete. Let us assume the worst by thinking that this abominable attack was carried out by Jews. The words ‘Jewish terrorist’ implies that there is a big conspiracy, perhaps even a Jewish conspiracy much larger than the world can imagine (although it does try its best when it comes to judging the actions of Jews), behind the actions of these unknown assailants. Senior Fatah Official Jibril Rajoub has already reversed this label and openly used it to describe Prime Minister Netanyahu as “the founding father of the terrorists of the Jewish underground in the West Bank”.

We should not forget that the words ‘Jewish Terrorist’ have been used before. They were used to describe the actions of the Irgun in 1946 when, under the leadership of Menachem Begin, they blew up the King David hotel in Jerusalem. Menachem Begin went on to serve as the sixth Prime Minister of Israel and the first and only Prime Minister to successfully carry out a ‘land for peace’ deal, which is still upheld to this day. As a relatively new ‘old nation’, we have evolved. We’ve moved on. We do NOT and never have, reveled in the deaths of the innocent.

If Jews were involved in the killing of baby Ali Dawabsheh, and they are captured, tried and locked away as they truly deserve to be, they will never be released to receive a hero’s welcome by the officially elected authority. This has been seen many times before when ‘Arab terrorists’ with innocent blood on their hands are released from prison and embraced by their elected leaders. Instead they will live a life of shame and disgrace, preferably behind bars for a very long time. They have brought condemnation on the Jewish people from both outside and even worse from within. They have managed to divide a nation still struggling to find its own personal and public identity.

If this heinous crime was carried out by Jews, they are NOT ‘Jewish Terrorists’ – they are ‘Cowardly Terrorists’, ‘Baby Killing Terrorists’, ‘Radical Terrorists’, but certainly not ‘Jewish Terrorists’ – a name that will now be used plentifully by the world to label all Jews.

The world does NOT see the internal breakdown of left, right, religious, secular – they just see Jews. And when a Jew is accused, even before proof has been discovered, of being a ‘Jewish Terrorist’, we can rest assured that the world sees all of us as ‘Jewish Terrorists’. Ruby Rivlin, Moshe Ya’alon et al – shame on you! Israel hasn’t done enough to combat crime and the criminal activities of extreme factions. Mr Rivlin and Mr Ya’alon – please think before you speak. You represent an entire people spread across the globe, everything you say, may and will be used against us!

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