Natalie Portman’s noise in Nachlaot

It’s 10 pm this Thursday night, and there’s drilling outside my bedroom window. More importantly, there’s drilling outside my daughters’ bedroom window.

natalie portman construction

Sure, it’s legal. Natalie Portman’s film crew got all the necessary paperwork from the City to use my street for filming their latest project, A Tale of Love and Darkness. They can legally work until 11 pm. And that’s what they’ve been doing, since Monday.

I know it’s great for Jerusalem that Natalie Portman is filming her movie here; the City gets money, fame, recognition – all good stuff. But I wish the powers-that-be could have been more considerate to the residents living on Mazkeret Moshe Street, the street of the filming, and not allow drilling until 11 pm.

(Why drilling? Because for the film, first they tore up the street, and now they are fixing it.)

natalie portman destroyed street

My toddlers are exhausted. They haven’t been able to nap or sleep full nights for four days. I know in the scheme of things, it’s not that long a time, and what’s my small family in comparison to Natalie Portman? Still, when my two and a half year old wakes up night after night, hysterically screaming “noise, noise!,” I feel totally sold-out by my City.


About the Author
Elana made aliyah 10 years ago from New Jersey. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and kids and works as a freelance content writer.