Natural Selection


Is the Iranian President right when he says Israel has been a destabilising influence in the region?

Of course he is. How else could it be otherwise?

From its earliest beginnings, the establishment and recorded history of the Israeli State has always had a profound impact on many of the countries surrounding it and somewhat less so on those further afield.

But how to nullify or soften that impact has been the constant dilemma facing statesmen, leaders and institutions the world over.

And yet, for the most part of seven decades, the overall situation still seems little changed.

Then that may very well be the real problem here. Why has there been no change, no radically new direction in which to travel? Where can be found that special route leading to some real prospect for peace in a part of the world that has known nothing but continued conflict and stalemate for far too long?

In the boxing ring, the worst mistake any fighter can ever make is to stand still, rooted to the spot. His opponent can then attack from all angles and, even if unable to land a knock-out blow, that opponent can certainly expect to win out on points.

Israel has to move on from the somewhat static position in which it finds itself to becoming that of a more dynamic entity, a nation that much of the world can then acknowledge and even support while not being noticeably biased in its favour.

As in natural selection, standing still for too long is rarely a good idea.

.And this is even more so the case if the local habitat makes concealment very difficult to maintain.Concealment - a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something

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