Nefarious Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic

During the 40 years of its life, the Islamic Republic has used various methods and tools to prolong its evil life. Since the Khomeinist Shi’a Islamist sect is essentially alien to diplomacy and diplomatic alphabets, it has always tried to carry out its work in the international arena through deception, banditry and tyranny.

On the one hand, the regime has sent money and arms to terrorist groups and engaged in massive exports of drugs, money laundering, and terrorism in other countries. On the other hand, the regime, with Goebbels-style propaganda, has attempted to institutionalize hostility to Israel and the United States and the West as a whole among the people of Iran and the Middle East. But since all the regime’s propaganda has been neutralized, the only way left for it is to create widespread unrest in the Middle East, send its terrorist forces to the EU countries, and increase pressure on the Iranian people.

After Javad Zarif returned empty-handed from meetings with some high profile US media personalities and politicians and a ridiculous interview with Fox News, the Islamic Republic plans to take the international pressure off of itself by sowing unrest in the Middle East and deviating the world. It also attempts to showcase itself as the “pillar of stability” in the region.

In the latest episode of this scenario, the regime has provoked Hamas and the Islamic Jihad to fire 450 rockets into Israeli territory and take away calm and comfort from Israeli citizens. So far, three Israelis have lost their lives and many more have been wounded. Of course, the Islamic Republic keeps threatening that it wants to eliminate Israel from the map of the world; therefore, Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorists with full potential.

In addition to providing materiel and missile assistance to the Islamic Jihad in Gaza and then helping the Houthis in Yemen, the Islamic Republic has recently targeted Libya and its Islamist militias to provide them with material and missile assistance in order to extend unrest to that area of the world. Nevertheless, the method has led to a complete failure after forty years, and the ship of the Islamist regime’s foreign policy has run aground in the rocky waterways of the Trump Administration.

Everyone knows that until the Islamic Republic is in power in Iran, neither the Iranian people will see calm and comfort, nor the foundations of a state can be laid in Palestine so that Israel can negotiate a rational peace treaty. Therefore, the only way to bring about comfort and prosperity for the people of Iran as well as peace in the Middle East is to place the name of Ali Khamenei, the head of the Khomeinist terrorist gang of the Islamic Republic, beside the name of the likes of the ISIS leader Aboubakr al-Baghdadi, and to strive for the toppling of the criminal regime.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.
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