Negotiating the Route


The current cooling off in relations between Israel and the US may come as a surprise to some but, given the many difficulties and conflicting interests simmering beneath so volatile a surface as that of the Middle East today, such divergence in viewpoints and opinions must be expected from time to time.

Either that or it’s a well disguised attempt at a ‘bad cop, good cop’ double act, designed primarily to give the impression of distance between the two administrations when, in reality, they’ve been bosom buddies all along. Well, stranger things have happened – although it would be fair to say, not too many.

But if we take this present lack of American-Israeli concorde at face value, then whatever peace and ‘enrichment’ negotiations are now ongoing can hardly remain unaffected by displays of such temperament and disunity.

Again the human element, with all its quirks, fears and doubts, will always try to interpose itself between movement forward and just staying put. And being ever content to do so.

It might be of greater benefit to future plans if this ‘element’ could be bypassed altogether or reduced to a level where its influence is barely noticeable. Factors newly added to the general mix of politics, religion, nationalism and all those other variables far too numerous to mention could then balance out much that is negative, leaving a big positive charge on everything that remains.

Even if all forward gears on your vehicle are jammed and inoperable, you may still be able to reach your destination by using reverse.  But you will have be a lot more careful about how you negotiate the route.

About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .