Neo-Nazis say the Darndest Things: Why “Never Again” Means “Never Again”

The recent polls in Greece have given its Jewish population, and humanity in general, a new reason for alarm.

The Golden Dawn political party is currently the third-largest in Greece, with a popularity of 9.4% of voters. The flag of the party contains a swastika, much like the Nazi flag once did, and also utilizes the red and black colors of its predecessor. Amongst the party’s rhetoric is a denial of the holocaust, and the assertion that Hitler was ‘a great personality’.

I am immediately reminded of the words of the Passover meal: “In every generation they rise up to destroy us, but it is the providence of the divine which protects us time and again.” I do not fear the Golden Dawn of Greece. It is merely a modern-day manifestation of the need for a scapegoat when things get tough (in this case, much like Germany post-WWI, a failed economy).

With a population of 14 million, the Jewish people are still a textbook case of the underdog. Perhaps that is why they always seem to have their backs against the ropes. Relative to 2 Billion Christians, 1.5 Billion Muslims, and over a Billion Chinese, 14 million just doesn’t cut it, and never has.

And so, with the spirit of the Nazi movement looming its pretty face again, this time in Greece, I find it apropos to delve into the psyche of this cult known as “The Golden Dawn.” In April 2013, Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus of the Greek Orthodox Church commented on the group, saying: “It has been proved that this political group uses the disguise of nationalism to cover its neopaganistic ideology.” The link between Pagan Ideology and the Golden Dawn is worth taking seriously.

The modern-day political party shares the name of a secret society which originated in Europe in the late 1800’s. Extensive academic findings have been published on the link between Nazism and the trend of secret societies. There are many names to describe the nature of these groups, such as: Occult, Esotericism, Theosophy, Hermetic Order, Wizardry, Alchemy, Magic, Cosmology, Rosicrucianism, Spiritualism and many more – all names for the same school of thought, the body of literature studied by “mystics”.

Academics believe that Hitler’s fascination with the swastika was inspired by an “esoteric” thinker named Helena Blavatsky. Helena’s career was based off of her travels to the East, where she discovered religious beliefs such as: Reincarnation, Clairvoyance, and Karma. Oddly enough, there is nothing inherently anti-Semitic about the swastika; it is an ancient Hindu symbol stretching back much farther than Blavatsky. But, it was Blavatsky’s book: “The Secret Doctrine,” which glorifies the Swastika as a symbol to be cherished, and which apparently made a lot of noise in the occult community when it was published in 1888.

Blavatsky’s tradition of “esotericism” was carried on by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the early 1900’s, a puzzling group, with an equally puzzling belief system. The Golden Dawn’s textbooks included: Kabbalistic texts (yes, in reference to Jewish Kabbala), and one of their favorite readings was “The Key of Solomon” (yes, based off of the Jewish historical figure, and King of the former Jewish Kingdom, King Solomon).

Philosophers often say that judging from the shape the world is in today, God must have a sense of humor. It is in this vein that I say that considering how many blatant Jewish influences are found in the group historically known as “the Golden Dawn”, and the occult in general, it is incredibly ironic that it became the inspiration for Nazism.

The occult tradition, in its very roots, is a school of thought which breeds and fosters ignorance and an unquestioning belief in “spiritual” leaders who are in tune with “a higher awareness”.

This is of course, all bad news, especially for the Jews. Recently, the Golden Dawn political party has served as an impetus for Jewish Gatekeepers such as local rabbis in Greece, and Anti-Defamation League Spokespeople, to speak out against this rising force of anti-Semitism. I am sad to say it, but as an observer of this modern-day Neo-Nazi drama which we see playing out in front of our eyes, it is these Jewish voices, unwilling to overlook the trash-talk, which give me the most hope for a better future.

Unlike the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising back in 1943, today the Jewish people have a competent army watching their back. In addition, with Israel as a member-state of the UN, nowadays Jewish leaders don’t need to swallow hard and look the other way when foreign political parties voice threats of mass genocide towards them; (cough) Iran.

The prophets say that when the Messiah comes, the lion will lie with the sheep in peace. Well, the lion may not be lying with the sheep yet, but research suggests that we are living in the most peaceful era of Human History. Stephen Pinker, in his book, “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined,” takes the reader on a step-by-step journey with some refreshing good news.

According to Pinker, 15% of skeletons dug up from prehistoric days, revealed some sort of fatal wound on the body or head. Whether it was signs of bashed skulls, nooses around the neck, or arrowhead marks in the bones, research suggests that back in the old days, 15% of deaths were caused by violence. Nowadays, even according to the most liberal analyses, that number has dwindled down to between sixth-tenths of 1% to 3%; that even includes all the deaths caused by the two world wars. Things may not be perfect, but I like to think like the Beatles: “Got to admit, it’s getting better.” The Neo-Nazis may be back in town, but they only have ten percent of the voters of Greece, and more importantly, a Yiddeshe Neshama.

About the Author
Authored a new script for the Latrun Tank Museum. He is currently studying a Masters in Non-Profit Management at Hebrew University.