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Netanyahu Correctly Identifies Israeli Sovereignty as Inviolable; losing the political tantrums would be helpful

Rather than continuing in its delusion that either the UN or other nations can ‘impose’ unilateral decisions on Israel, the PA first needs to deal with its own failings to include their deadly divisions with Hamas. And before interacting with Abbas as if he is relevant, even one of these so involved nations needs to first ask Abbas when he plans to call for the next democratic elections in the West Bank as opposed to maintaining his incredibly corrupt and disconnected neo-dictatorship.

Second is that neither France, Sweden or anybody else for that matter have the authority to reach a ‘deal’ with the PA with regards to Israel. Like those other nations, the fact that Israel is independent and sovereign means they have neither the ability nor the right to even try to impose a unilateral political solution.

A UN Resolution & European Collusion: Abbas and Hamas as the Palestinian’s Worst Enemy

Until such time as France, for instance, is prepared to do what another nation tells them to do, my suggestion is that they reconsider these issues and their involvement. France certainly can  propose but hardly impose on another nation. That France often refuses to ignores the leadership in its own EU demonstrates that they are way over extended. They are also not helping the Palestinians with such actions.

The European core are no more a ‘friend’ of Israel than they are of Abbas the PA and most have no particular problem with Israelis and Palestinians continuing to kill one another. The European core are also more than happy to continue to set up Abbas’ next failure while waxing his delusions of becoming a ‘leader’ among the global community. Instead, however, Abbas has become far closer to a ‘banana republic’ style autocrat.

In fact, if Israel and the full Palestinian community were able to figure out a way to collaborate and secure one another, Israel – a differently connected and working Israel – would likely become an even larger economic competitor to Europe. There’s even been a few articles on this very topic of late. I’d hypothesize that inasmuch as the European core does not want to see such increased direct competition, maintaining the manipulation and nurturing the Israeli/Palestinian confusion is also a business strategy.

But with all this….Netanyahu still hasn’t figured out that Israel is part of a global community and his own sideshow; his histrionic pronouncements are also not to Israel’s advantage. In fact, I’d go so far to hypothesize that core Europe happily predicts his next confrontational speech; Netanyahu’s next all about Netanyahu presentation since the PM is so very easily baited.

I also would not – ever – tolerate other nations presuming to dictate political and territorial demands to Israel. On that, I absolutely agree with Netanyahu and the Israeli government continuing to make that very clear. I’d like to see America and other western nations make it perfectly clear as well that they don’t support any such unilateral geopolitical attempt to impose a decision and would not recognize the relevance of any such unilateral deals.

But t is Netanyahu and his far Right cohort who continue to diminish the support for and credibility of Israel even among previous strong supporters while making their own choir more rabid, less reasonable and less thoughtful.

The Prime Minister and his cohort must respond differently, less reactively and more as global statesmen rather than continuing to be so easily goaded.

The Israeli government also needs to stop saying really dumb things to include Oren’s recent ‘family therapy analysis’ of Obama’s politics. Obama remains a strong supporter of Israel and those screaming otherwise are flat out incorrect.

But I also have no doubt that Obama – as are increasing numbers of long time international supporters of Israel – has long become disgusted by and deeply frustrated with Netanyahu and his colleagues’ intransigence, wholesale lack of vision, misrepresentations and constant political tantrums.

Netanyahu and the current Israeli government needs to make clear  – without the constant side show – that no other sovereign nation would accept another ‘negotiating’ its future or future decisions. Netanyahu could also make clear that such actions by other nations are directly counterproductive to both Israelis AND Palestinians.

Make it clear but do so without the almost constantly accompanying tantrum.

While sustaining security; a dynamic which is becoming more tenuous almost by the day with yet another stabbing in Jerusalem, the Israeli government must generate real, sincere and doable solutions – a coherent, logical and shared vision for the future of Israel – instead of the constant drama and reactivity.

Tantrums as a political strategy are not working.

So long as this remains a primary political response of choice by the Israeli government, it is Netanyahu and his immediate Israeli hard Right colleagues who continue to be Israel’s greatest national and international handicap.

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I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.