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Netanyahu is killing Zionism

On Thursday night a religious school building in Sderot took a direct hit from a rocket fired from Gaza. With the help of God or not, nobody thankfully was killed. But the Jewish dream of a free Jewish-majority state, a refuge for Jewish people from around the world to escape anti-semitism and persecution by coming home to the State of Israel took another hit. That is because Israelis living along the border with Gaza have started to trickle away from their homes because of the on-going violence.

Last night, the Israeli television channel !3 on their weekly shabbat program “Yoman” hosted by Ayala Hasson aired a segment on a family who have decided to leave their Kibbutz following a year of living under the constant stress of rocket fire from the terrorists who rule Gaza. The policy of the Israeli Government to bomb empty Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions, facilitate Qatari blackmail money to the Hamas rulers, allow goods to be trucked into the Strip, and extend fishing rights further out to sea – have not stopped the rockets, incendiary balloons, molotov. cocktails, and what we don’t know from coming our way. When Jews decide to evacuate their homes in Israel because their Government cannot or will not protect them that is a failure.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is also our self-appointed Minister of Defence. And he is  therefore ultimately responsible for the security of the citizens of the State of Israel. The buck has to stop somewhere. He cannot blame anyone else for the situation on our Southern Border. He is the one in charge. Avigdor Liberman resigned in November of last year – ostensibly because of Netanyahu’s weak response to the violence that has been rained down upon the Israeli civilian population since March of 2018. And nothing has changed; the situation has only become worse. And now we have Israeli citizens leaving their homes for “safer terrain”. This is a failure of the Zionist creed and it has been orchestrated by Netanyahu’s failure to deal decisively with the crisis on our Southern border.

The current IDF Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi, gave an interview over the weekend where he appeared confident that the Army could stop the violence threatening our South border communities. Other seasoned observers have backed him up. Close friends in Kibbutz Riem have been crying for Zahal to act for over a year. There will always be naysayers but the leader of any free country cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the trauma and costs that the rockets and the burning fields are causing to Israeli citizens. This travesty should not stand unanswered. It is damaging not only our deterrence but our very raison-d’etre. Netanyahu is killing Zionism!


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First came to Israel as a volunteer after the Six Day War. Made Aliyah in 1972, served in the IDF, stayed in Israel for 4 years. Returned again to live permanently in Israel in 2017. Am widely traveled & strong supporter of Zionism. Have an M.A. in International Relations from McGill University.
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