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Netanyahu’s Distorted Spectacle: Between Macabre Tourism and a Nation’s Disunion

US billionaire Elon Musk, left, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, take a tour of Kfar Aza, November 27, 2023. (Amos Ben Gershom/GPO)
In the streets of Israel, still echoing the reverberations of war, Benjamin Netanyahu stages a grotesque spectacle of distortions. With Elon Musk’s arrival, we witness not a leader concerned with his people but a macabre tour guide flaunting billionaires while his country bleeds. This scene, more than a show of progress, reflects the absurd disconnect between Netanyahu’s government and the actual needs of Israel.
In this theater of the absurd, the curtains reveal not just Netanyahu but also figures like Bezalel Smotrich, orchestrators of a “National Disunion.” At a time when economic recovery and reconstruction should be unquestionable priorities, they choose to maintain unnecessary ministries, transforming them into personal coffers to finance whims and special interests. It’s a financial irresponsibility that crosses the bounds of the acceptable, a mockery in the face of those who suffered and continue to suffer the consequences of war.
The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the Jerusalem Affairs Ministry, the Heritage Ministry – each of these, among others, are mere symbols of an inflated and disconnected government. Meanwhile, the Western Negev and the lives shattered by conflict cry out for attention and resources squandered on projects that do little to heal the nation’s wounds.
Benny Gantz, in his precarious position within this government, faces an inescapable truth: it’s time to rethink, reassess, and demand a radical change. Netanyahu and his entourage of ministers must be confronted with the reality of their actions and the urgent need to reallocate every shekel towards the country’s reconstruction and support for those most in need.
In an Israel marked by pain and loss, where soldiers, police officers, reservists, children, business owners, and citizens carry the visible and invisible scars of war, Netanyahu’s leadership proves not only inadequate but profoundly harmful. The promise of a united and strong country is betrayed with each day this government chooses self-promotion over the welfare of its people.
This is a time for authentic leadership to emerge – leadership that understands the gravity of the moment and acts with the compassion and urgency that Israel deserves. Until that happens, Netanyahu’s spectacle and his court will continue to be a painful reminder of the chasm between power and responsibility, between governance and humanity.
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