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Netanyahu’s Iranian Cloak

Last week, Netanyahu gave a speech in Congress, frequently called Iran as a grave threat to Israel first, then nearly to all humanity. This theatrical move was reinforced by sit-stand senators, so, all of us are under the pressure of this powerful show now. In politics, invention of an external threat is always useful for hiding the social/economic problems inside. Accordingly, whenever the politicians exaggerates an external threat, be sure that there are also some other issues which can endanger their political future if to be talked publicly. Netanyahu did so. Even the best one.

In 2011, during the Arab Spring, Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square witnessed a protest movement which gathered thousands with tents because of the high prices of housing. Sharp increase in housing prices was not a suddenly-emerged fact in 2011, on the contrary, it was firstly observed in 2008 and a concrete %55 rise was located between 2008-2013. According to the state comptroller’s report, Netanyahu’s governments have done almost nothing to reverse this trend. Nowadays, buying an apartment in the central parts of Israel, even a modest one, costs millions of shekels.

It is the best time to invent an external threat (or improve the invented one) when you are in trouble with living costs in your country. Iran, with its “dark” nuclear program and antisemitic speeches of some Iranian leaders, has facilitated its own “package” for Netanyahu and his allies. Finally, “Iranian cloak” is ready to be used in domestic politics now.

Unique slogan of Netanyahu for long: Forget living costs, unite against the demon.

Netanyahu is a clever man, undoubtedly. However this move is so banal in politics.

Be creative.

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