Netanyahu’s last-minute deal coalition

A new Israeli government was declared a few days ago. During the coalition talks, Netanyahu had done “his best” and so he gathered the support of “the majority” of Knesset…

Netanyahu as PM (could be read as “Permanent Manager”) refers to his 4th term as PM), has proved his skills to manage in hard times. Keep in mind the golden rule of politics, political/security crises generally feed such populist politicians who struggle for the consolidation of the voters positioned on the same side of spectrum. In Netanyahu case, briefly, the speech in Congress, Netanyahu reinvented the Iranian “threat”, exploited the sensitive memories of society with reference to the Holocaust. So, this move consolidated the rightist votes at Likud, provided 30 MKs. However, the main problem in Israeli political system is to form a manageable government, not to win an election solely. Netanyahu just gave a start to deal with “the problem”…

Throughout the coalition talks, Netanyahu had ignored the offers several times to form a national unity government with Zionist Union. At the end, he configured a full-rightist government that is supported by merely 61 MKs. Settler-supported far right and religious right came together in the current Netanyahu government. However, the number of MKs who support the new government is not enough to stay in power for long. Only one MK would cause the fall of the government. So, the new government would be open to all kinds of  manipulations. As a result of this situation, all parties in the government would apply strict “party discipline rules” to save the majority. Moreover, all leaders would be more populist and aggressive to consolidate their position in the foreseeable future.

As a conclusion, Netanyahu is luckier than all. Because he is the best in managing the crises, eliminating the “threats”. Also he has a serious capital: Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and more…

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