Joel R. Schwartzman

Netanyahu’s mimicking Trump is dangerous

That Benjamin Netanyahu has so little regard for the governmental system which has supported, sustained and believed in him for the past twelve years is indicative of the petty tyrant he has become.  But for him to claim that the Israeli elections were stolen, mimicking this Donald Trump ploy, is just downright dangerous.

Trump’s lies and persistent denials of reality and the truth have thrown the American electoral system into doubt which, in turn, threatens the democracy in America.  Israel can ill afford to follow Netanyahu’s lead down this same pathway.  Members of the Likud Party and all Israeli parties and the Israeli populace itself are duty-bound to reject Netanyahu’s false claims and to reject their leader’s attempts to undermine confidence not only in the Israeli electoral processes but in the very Israeli democratic form of government.

It takes neither prophet nor seer to predict the outcome of this most recent Netanyahu attempt to retain power.  His cynical disingenuousness is as palpable as it is insidious.  Israelis are smarter than this.  They must stand up to “The Big Lie” or risk losing their future to another Big Liar.

About the Author
After twenty-three years of military service, Rabbi Schwartzman retired at the rank of Colonel in September 1998. From July 1999 to July 2000, Rabbi Schwartzman was Associate Rabbi of Temple Sinai in Denver, Colorado. For a decade thereafter he served as the Rabbi of both Congregation B’nai Chaim in Morrison, Colorado, and the Synagogue of the Summit in Summit County, Colorado.